Nothing Lasts Forever Bill Murray

Nothing Lasts Forever

I just read an article in Slate about how, back in 1984, a science-fiction comedy film was made called Nothing Lasts Forever. It was directed by Tom Schiller, who had been a writer on SNL. The cast included some of the big stars at the time, including Bill Murray of course. Update: We originally had […]

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the grand budapest hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend an advance screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson’s latest. The film stars Ralph Fiennes and, true to form, has an extensive cast that includes regulars Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Adrien Brody, and, of course, Bill Murray. I’m not a critic or what have you, so […]

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Doing Some Yard Work

So this really isn’t a story (at least not the kind we normally post here) but it’s a decent segue into a clip of one of my favorite movie scenes, so I figure what the hell… Today was beautiful out, so I decided to do some yard work, get some sun, and enjoy a couple […]

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