Bill Murray Picks Clemson over FSU, Body Slams Lee Corso

bill murray bodyslam

If you saw the FSU/Clemson game yesterday, you might be thinking that Bill Murray is not that great at making sports predictions (the Seminoles killed Clemson 51-14); but he’s always my pick when it comes to beating up sports broadcasters.

And, like all good things should, there’s an animated .gif (via SBNation):

lee corso bodyslam

Groundhog Day Inspired Art Show

dont drive angry

If you didn’t get enough Groundhog Day last weekend, then you should check out this online art show – 10 pieces by 9 artists inspired by the movie.

The online show, which is now in its second year, was organized by Super Precious Art Gallery. A big thanks goes to Aaron for sending this to us.

Header image by Chris Piascik

Bill Murray Inducted Into Minor League Baseball Hall of Fame, Gives a Great Speech

I am going to post another user-submitted story later today, but, in the mean time, I want to share the following videos. I realize a lot of you may have seen these already, but here they are just in case.

The video was produced by SB Nation and accompanies an article: Bill Murray, The Best Boss In Baseball. After watching it, you will fully agree with that statement.

In the above video, there are clips of the speech he gave after being inducted into the South Atlantic League Hall of Fame. Here is the video of the full speech:

Two Years of Bill Murray Stories: A Look Back

Earlier this week, I realized that Bill Murray Stories has now been online for over two years. I originally started this site on a whim, a few days after a conversation with some friends about the “Bill Murray story phenomenon“, which I had not heard of at the time.

For a while, we would tell stories about “something crazy that just happened the other day” or “years ago when I was on vacation with my family…” They would all invariably involve Bill Murray doing something crazy, although none of them was true. When I started this site, all of the stories I wrote were also untrue. I have never met or seen the man in person.

After a while, I got tired of writing them. After all, how long can a person write fictional stories about a real person doing crazy things in real life? Writing even one story and creating a website around that idea is, in and of itself, a fairly odd concept. Then again, this is the internet, right?

Around the time I stopped writing these stories, people began sending them in. I would occasionally read stories about Bill Murray doing unbelievable things for real and think “if they hadn’t gotten a picture, I never would believe it“. As readers of this site continued sending in their own stories, I realized that many of them seem plausible.

But which Bill Murray stories are true? The answer is that I don’t know and, in the end, isn’t that the point? I have come to realize that, in its own weird way, this site is a Bill Murray fan site. Yes, he is a renowned actor and skilled comedian, but I get the impression he is also a personable and unpretentious guy. I am sure he has worked hard (to say the least) to be where he is, and the day-to-day must be tough sometimes, but he does it in style. He is Bill fucking Murray, he knows it, and it seems like he has fun with it – while making it look effortless. Isn’t that the true definition of a legend?

In addition to the many stories that have been submitted (which I will be posting over the next couple of weeks), I also received a link to a real Bill Murray Story, as told at a West Chester Story Slam event (thanks Jim). I think watching and hearing someone tell his or her story makes it that much better, so I thought I’d share.

Bill Murray to Be in New Wes Anderson Film: Moonrise Kingdom

Although this isn’t a Bill Murray Story per se, I wanted to share this in case you hadn’t already heard. Bill Murray is among those cast in the latest Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom, which is set to be released on May 16 in France and May 25 in the United States. It will (presumably) be released elsewhere at a later date.

In addition to Mr. Murray, the cast includes Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, Harvey Keitel, and Frances McDormand, to name a few. It looks like the role Mr. Murray is playing is sure to be another one of the legendary Wes Anderson characters he is known for. Watch the trailer below and you’ll see what I mean.

I am most certainly going to be seeing this the day it comes out. The music featured in the above trailer is Songs From Friday Afternoons, Op. 7: "Cuckoo!"; the excellent soundtrack is yet another reason to see Moonrise Kingdom.

Update: I saw this movie a couple times in theaters – I enjoyed it that much. Although it’s no longer showing, you can still get it on DVD/Blu-ray, or even watch it right now over at Amazon Instant.