Looking for Ryan Gosling on a College Campus

The following story is from Trey. Thanks!

A lot of weird things happen to me in my life. I’ve been held at gunpoint by an old woman, gotten my car totaled by a cow, and have been robbed in a Taco Bell drive-thru.

So, I decided to start documenting everything that happens to me to prove it as factual. I constantly have a tape recorder on and in my pocket at all times during the day.

It’s just like any other day, except news is spreading around my college campus (at 11:30pm, mind you) that heartthrob Ryan Gosling is at a local cafe just down the street. About fifteen other students and I rush down to the cafe in hopes of meeting the hunk and maybe snapping a picture.

We are scoping out the cafe and can’t find him, so we look outside. I’m checking the patio behind the building when suddenly, from behind me, I hear someone in a deep burly voice ask “Hey, have you heard that Ryan Gosling was here?”

I whip around and guess who it was? It’s Bill Fucking Murray. I’m speechless. I manage to say, “Can’t find him” in a high-pitched voice like a twelve year old girl. He says, “Aw shucks, that stinks. Oh well!” and starts to walk into the surrounding neighborhood behind us.

Right as he’s walking out of my sight he turns around, pulls my tape recorder out of my pocket, whispers something into it, and hands it back to me. Then he disappears into the night.

I’m stunned. I look around for my friends and can’t find them. I check my tape recorder, happy that I can prove something that has happened to me. I listen, and all I find, in a whisper, is “No one will ever believe you”.

A Perplexing Math Question

We’d like to thank Ali for sharing this story:

One time, I was sitting in the Intelligentsia Cafe by my house, struggling with a really involved proof that I just couldn’t get right. I’d been working for hours, looking pretty haggard and stressed out, not noticing anything or anyone around me, when suddenly someone leaned over me, snatched my pencil, wrote “converges to 1/e” near the middle of my work, crossed out everything below it, then wrote “QED”. Shocked (and elated, since it was true!) I looked up and saw Bill Murray staring down at me. “No one will ever believe you”, was all he said, and he walked away.

At LAX, on Crutches, after SXSW

Editor: We’d like to thank Rachel for her story!

A couple months ago, I went to South by Southwest in Austin, TX – this is a large film and music convention, but primarily an excuse for adults to get together and act as if they’re on Spring Break again, while listening to live music.

My friends and I had a blast, however, I am naturally uncoordinated and in the course of over-imbibing throughout the weekend, managed to fall and fracture my foot. Thus I found myself at the Austin airport on crutches – because of my injury, I was allowed to sit in the very front of the coach cabin all the way back to LAX. When we arrived in LA, as I’m getting off the plane I hear someone start giving me crap about faking an injury to sit toward the front of the plane.

I look up, do a double take and realize it’s Bill freaking MURRAY. He walked me all the way back up to the airport terminal – I told him the story of breaking my foot and he continued to accuse me of faking it. He left me before the rest of my friends got off the plane…I’m pretty sure no one WILL ever believe me!

Dining Next to Bill Murray

Editor: Today’s Bill Murray Story is from Karena. Thanks!

My story is not the strange or bizarre variety but rather a story of unexpected generosity. A few years back, I went on a trip to NYC with my sister and a friend to celebrate my sister’s 30th birthday. I planned the trip to include an amazing night out and made reservations at a popular restaurant in the Tribeca area. When we arrived all decked out in our birthday bash best we stood at the bar and just took in the scene while we waited for our table to be ready.

As I was scanning the room to see where we might be seated a table in the center of the dining area caught my eye – there sitting enjoying his meal was Bill Murray and his son Homer. I thought to myself that it would be so awesome to be seated next to their table, what a great birthday gift for my sister. To my surprise, that is exactly what happened. While seated next to Mr. Murray, we giggled, laughed, and OMG’d for a few minutes before we decided we had to stop. We were being very obvious and he probably would be annoyed if we continued, so we decided to focus on our meal, our drinks, and celebrating.

Boy did we dine; we laughed, we ate amazing food and drank glasses of champagne toasting to my sister’s birthday, all the while Bill and his son quietly dined next to us. Bill and his son finished up and prepared to leave. Much to our shock, as they stood to leave, Bill walked right over to our table and said, “I just have to say that you are a table of very attractive women and it has been a pleasure dining next to you”.

In complete shock, nobody knew what to say, but we told him thank you and that we were there celebrating my sister’s 30th birthday. He introduced his son and said happy birthday to my sister. We had a few more polite comments, and then he wished us a great night and left.

A minute later, our waiter came to ask us if we would like another drink. We responded “no”, that we were all set and asked him to bring the check. He smiled and said “Not to worry, Mr. Murray already paid your bill and would like you to enjoy another drink on him”. I am sure the amount of the bill was peanuts to Bill, but to us it was a complete splurge, so, what the hell – “Another round of champagne, please!” Completely true story.