Bill Murray and the Autographed Baseball

The following story comes to us from Frank.

I’m a collector of sports autographs, baseball in particular, and a number of years ago I began sending baseballs in the mail to some of my favorite celebrities and world figures. I’m also a big Bill Murray fan and it’s common knowledge he’s a Chicago Cubs fan. I sent him a ball with a note about my collecting and love for the game – including my lifelong devotion to the NY Mets.

After a few months, I came home one day to find in my pile of mail that little box with my return address on it, knowing someone had obliged my special request. Not having a clue of who this came from, which is part of the fun in tearing open one of these boxes, I was completely thrilled to see a beautiful, bold autograph right on the sweet spot… Bill Murray!

To make this even more special, blazoned above his signature, he wrote “Cub Power!” It remains on display in my home office and is one of my most prized autographs.

Golfing on Long Island

We’d like to thank Cassie for the following story.

During the summer in the mid-90s, I was waitressing at a country club in Lake Success on Long Island, patronized by some very wealthy members and, less frequently, by celebrities. Bill Murray showed up as a guest one day. A female member – who was in her 40s, thin, tan, and blonde – was playing just behind Bill. When she was within distance of him, she shouted, “Caddyshack?” He turned around, looked her up and down, and yelled back, “Basic Instinct?”

Chicago’s Own, Fitted for Suits at a Haberdashery

We’d like to thank George for sharing the following story.

This is from a co-worker I knew from 20 years ago. He was a younger man in Chicago, working for a haberdashery (custom-made suits, etc.), and, one quiet day, in walks none-other-than The Second City’s favorite son, Bill Murray – unannounced, no entourage, no pretense, very low-key and affable, natch.

Murray mentions he’s interested in a few suits, as well as anything else that suits his fancy. So, taking their time and shooting the breeze, several hours have passed as Murray is in the midst of a suit-fitting (with measuring tape, chalk, the whole nine-yards).

Around lunchtime, he realizes he’s hungry. Without hesitation, he procures a phone (this is pre-cell phone days) from the manager of the shop and calls in a large order of take out from a local deli – the works – for the entire staff.

They leisurely eat and then finish the fitting. He purchases several suits to be made, a number of shirts, and quite a bit of other extras, earning my co-worker a sweet commission. And, without a doubt, Murray was a sweetheart – but this was his pre-“Bigfoot/Elvis” like-sightings, so there’s no trace of the catchphrase ‘no one will ever believe you‘. Nice to see he’s like Santa too :D

Where is the Barnes & Noble at The Palisades Mall?

We would like to thank Jared for sharing the following story.

It was Christmas Eve, I think of 2007, and I was at the Palisades Mall in New York with my girlfriend at the time to do some last minute Christmas shopping. We were trying to remember which floor Barnes & Noble was on as we stepped into the elevator.

“Do you remember where Barnes & Noble is?” she asked.

“I don’t know, I think it was on the 3rd floor maybe?” I responded.

Just then, another voice entered the conversation. I was so distracted with trying to remember the location of the store that I hadn’t even noticed the other two men on the elevator with us. Continue reading