Museum Wink

“I work at a museum in NYC. One day I was sitting at my desk in the lobby when Bill Murray walked through the main entrance. The woman he was with came to my desk asking for a ticket while he stood behind her. I winked at him and he winked back. It is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me.” – Sara


At 30,000 Feet with Bill Murray

We’d like to thank Anne for sharing her story (and for providing a picture, too).

I’ve recently moved and, going through some old boxes, found a cherished piece of memorabilia! 30 years ago this past April, I was flying from Manila to the mainland with my parents and, since my dad worked for the airlines, we were able to fly first class!

As the flight went on, I realized that I was sitting across the aisle from Bill Murray. He was coming back from India where he was filming The Razor’s Edge. I was starstruck! I watched him interact with the very shy Asian flight attendants, asking one of them if she would marry him. They would giggle and just have a somewhat void look on their faces, as I don’t know if they really understood what he was asking. Continue reading


We’d like to thank Cindy for sharing the following story.

Doing work for the Toronto International Film Festival in the mid-90’s I had occasion to regularly cross paths with a lot of celebrities, so I wasn’t habitually star-struck around famous people as a rule.

Anyhow one sunny hot September (or late August) Sunday afternoon I was at an industry party. It was one of the more informal annual film festival events at a large private home. Guests ranged from local Toronto film people to one of the cast members of the TV show “Friends” which was big at the time. I wasn’t feeling well and while in the kitchen getting some ice water, I was unpleasantly groped in the process by a very rude, very drunk famous director. Continue reading

Pimento Spread – JFK to CHS

We would like to thank Chris for the following story.

My encounter with Bill Murray occurred in March 2013. I was waiting at the airport with my wife and two kids to take off for our two-week Hawaiian vacation. The gate next to ours was to Charleston, SC. The Charleston flight must have been a new flight from JFK, because they had a breakfast buffet for passengers celebrating food from South Carolina.

We stayed away from the buffet for the first hour or so, but eventually it seemed that everyone (not just the people flying to Charleston) started to help themselves to the fresh fruits and pastries. I eventually went over to the buffet and poured myself a cup of coffee, prepared a bagel, and grabbed some fresh fruit for my wife and kids. Continue reading