Me, Bill, and a Pimp Named Goldy

The FIne Line Music Cafe
We’d like to thank Mark McManus for today’s story.

I was working as a doorman at the Fine Line in Minneapolis, on a night when EL Vez was playing, back in the early 90s. I noticed our girl at the ticket booth turn away Bill, his two kids, Ahmad Rashad, and some other sports figure I didn’t recognize. I quickly ran out the door to find out why.

“Hey, Bill. What’s going on?”

“Oh, this girl said I can’t come in here with my kids. They’re not old enough.” Meanwhile, Rashad is going off on how dark the club is. It was night, and he was wearing sunglasses. Continue reading

SLC Airport Salute

SLC airport
We’d like to thank Tessica for today’s story.

Over 5 years ago I worked for an airline that is notorious in SLC for making you walk outside to your plane. Sometimes we would run out of parking and have to do what we called “Bravo” parking (basically parking a plane behind another plane).

The passengers then would have to walk out on the tarmac and then up the stairs of the aircraft. Obviously this is a safety issue so, as employees, we would station ourselves outside to provide guidance to the passengers and to keep them from being run over by tugs.

One day while we were boarding a flight – I believe it was going to Aspen – I saw a male passenger walk outside towards me. He wore a Hawaiian shirt and very loud golf shorts. I wondered, “Who dresses like that?” As the passenger got closer, I realized Bill Murray dresses like that.

In a moment of stupor I did the only thing I could think of to do… I saluted him. No idea why. It just happened. He turned up an eyebrow at me as he walked by, and I kind of shrugged like “yeah, I don’t know either”, and he continued to board the plane.

As I stared at the plane – wondering why on earth I had just saluted Bill Murray – I noticed movement at the aircraft door. A moment later, Bill Murray stepped out of the plane and saluted me back.

The Inspiring Mr. Murray

We’d like to thank Andy for sharing this story.

Somewhere back around 2006 my special needs son Jayden was constantly in and out of hospitals for brain surgeries after being devastated by the after effects of meningitis. After one such stay at Presbyterian Hospital in NY, my son and I were waiting in front for the valet to bring my car. I looked up and saw Bill Murray walking out of the hospital with a group of people.

Mr. Murray I’m sure saw my excitement and without hesitation handed everything in his hands off and shooed the people with him along. He walked over with a great big smile and open arms, he hugged me and then got down on his knees next to my son in his wheelchair and gave him a great big hug and stayed on his knees talking to my son and I for 15-20 minutes. Continue reading

Bill is Handy – Martha’s Vineyard, Summer 2010

We’d like to thank SD for today’s story.

Bill Murray cleaning an AC unit at a restaurant in Martha's VineyardSummer 2010: Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Bill was a regular guest of mine (6-7 visits) that summer at Oyster Bar Grill in Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard.

We always seated him in our VIP section – elevated and separated, yet visible, from the main dining area. There was an AC unit on the wall that perpetually iced over, which drove Bill crazy.

So finally, one night, he got up on a chair and spent 15 minutes cleaning it off… at 8:00 on a Saturday night in August, full house.

Bill if you read this it’s me “Handsome”. If you ever visit South Florida (Delray Beach) I’ve got a bottle of “Burgess” Merlot waiting for you. – Handsome