SLC airport

SLC Airport Salute

We’d like to thank Tessica for today’s story. Over 5 years ago I worked for an airline that is notorious in SLC for making you walk outside to your plane. Sometimes we would run out of parking and have to do what we called “Bravo” parking (basically parking a plane behind another plane). The passengers […]

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Bill Murray takes JetBlue

Bill Murray Takes JetBlue

We’d like to thank Jaimie for sharing this story. The man, the myth, the LEGEND came aboard our flight from Charleston SC back home to JFK, the day after he crashed the bachelor party and apparently an engagement photo shoot, on May 25th, 2014. The plane was boarded and he was the last one to […]

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bill murray san diego airport

Bill in San Diego Airport

We’d like to thank Kelly for the following story. It had been a long day. I live in Winnipeg, and was getting ready to surprise my snowbird parents in California with an Xmas visit. I had packed late, and didn’t get much sleep worrying about the trip. Then the fire alarm in my apartment building […]

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