SLC Airport Salute

SLC airport
We’d like to thank Tessica for today’s story.

Over 5 years ago I worked for an airline that is notorious in SLC for making you walk outside to your plane. Sometimes we would run out of parking and have to do what we called “Bravo” parking (basically parking a plane behind another plane).

The passengers then would have to walk out on the tarmac and then up the stairs of the aircraft. Obviously this is a safety issue so, as employees, we would station ourselves outside to provide guidance to the passengers and to keep them from being run over by tugs.

One day while we were boarding a flight – I believe it was going to Aspen – I saw a male passenger walk outside towards me. He wore a Hawaiian shirt and very loud golf shorts. I wondered, “Who dresses like that?” As the passenger got closer, I realized Bill Murray dresses like that.

In a moment of stupor I did the only thing I could think of to do… I saluted him. No idea why. It just happened. He turned up an eyebrow at me as he walked by, and I kind of shrugged like “yeah, I don’t know either”, and he continued to board the plane.

As I stared at the plane – wondering why on earth I had just saluted Bill Murray – I noticed movement at the aircraft door. A moment later, Bill Murray stepped out of the plane and saluted me back.

Bill Murray Takes JetBlue

Bill Murray takes JetBlue
We’d like to thank Jaimie for sharing this story.

The man, the myth, the LEGEND came aboard our flight from Charleston SC back home to JFK, the day after he crashed the bachelor party and apparently an engagement photo shoot, on May 25th, 2014.

The plane was boarded and he was the last one to get on. When walked onto the plane, he kept walking down the aisle as the entire shocked audience looked on; I sat in Row 16, my sister in Row 15. To my astonishment, I look up and get a nice view of him placing his baggage above my head, as his seat was BEHIND mine. (What?! How random!) Continue reading

Bill in San Diego Airport

bill murray san diego airport
We’d like to thank Kelly for the following story.

It had been a long day. I live in Winnipeg, and was getting ready to surprise my snowbird parents in California with an Xmas visit. I had packed late, and didn’t get much sleep worrying about the trip. Then the fire alarm in my apartment building went off at 7am, so the day started by shuffling out into -40 degree weather.

Ugh. But I got on the plane, connected in Denver, and landed in San Diego at around 11pm my time. I had friends that were going to meet me there to take me to my parents place, but they were no where to be found. Ugh again.

But lo and behold, as I was looking around for them, there was… wait a minute… is that?…. YES! That’s the pro jock himself! That’s actually Bill Murray! Continue reading

The Bill Murray Malasada

We’d like to thank Jordan for today’s story.

I am a fire fighter in Hawaii, but I also work part time at the Honolulu Airport. When I showed up at the airport for work today the girls were all gushing about how the cast of Hawaii Five-O was downstairs in baggage claim. “They were filming Hawaii Five-O downstairs you know!” exclaimed one of the girls. When she noticed my look of total disinterest she asked, “That’s exciting, don’t you think?”

“Well”, I replied, “I would be, if any real celebrities were here”. My co-worker then left me to work at curbside check-in alone, convinced that I would never be converted into an Alex O’Loughlin (the lead star in Five-O… don’t worry I didn’t know who he was either) fan.

I spent the next five hours doing what I normally do at the airport. I smiled and checked in people, all the while wondering if it was all worth the low wage and free flight benefits. I was about to shut down my check-in station for the end of my shift, when a young Polynesian man ran up to me and politely asked if I could help him check in a Mr. Bill Murray. I kind of chuckled and waited for him to say he was joking (people give fake/funny names all the time to be humorous) – but when I looked down the curb at the black SUV parked nearby, I saw him in all his glory. The man. The legend. Mr. Bill Murray. Continue reading