Foul Ball

We’d like to thank Chris for sharing this story.

In the late ’80s when I was very young, my parents took me to a Salt Lake Trappers game in Salt Lake City. Bill Murray was part owner of the team at the time and, on the night we attended, he happened to be at the game. During one of the breaks between innings, several of the players grabbed Bill and dragged him around the bases.

My dad happened to catch a foul ball during the game. Afterwards, he snuck onto the field and into the player’s dugout, where he asked Bill to autograph his baseball. Bill took the ball and asked my dad, “Aren’t you supposed to give these back?” My dad didn’t know how to reply until Bill smiled, signed the ball, and handed it back to him.

Bill’s Summer Vacation

We’d like to thank Todd for the following story.

When I was about 8 or 9 years old (I’m 44 now) I was at an Aberdeen, Washington baseball camp – I believe the team was The Chokers (it was a logging town in those days). Bill Murray, famous at the time for Saturday Night Live, was a guest baseball coach. I believe Meatballs was also getting ready to come out, so my timeline may be off a bit.

I knew him from Saturday Night Live because my dad always had us watch it when we were kids. I was able to get his autograph, but over the years I lost it. There was even a skit on SNL called “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” that included this baseball camp in the video. Wish I could meet him again to get his autograph and a photo I lost so many years ago.

Palisades-Sparkill Baseball League

We’d like to thank Elliot for the following story.

Growing up in the Palisades area of Rockland County, New York it was wasn’t unusual to see Bill Murray once in a while, as he was a resident. I think I ran into him a few times at the post office and in Piermont walking around. This however is my highlight memory of Bill Murray:

It was the championship game for the Palisades-Sparkill Baseball League. I must have been around 11 at the time, so this would have taken place around 1994-1995. My team was playing Bill Murray’s sons team for the league title. I was playing second base when lo and behold; Bill Murray takes over as his sons’ team’s first base coach. I was a big Ghostbusters fan growing up, so I was momentarily awestruck.

I was taking the game seriously, so as we started the inning I forgot all about Dr. Peter Venkman standing to my left. As I remember it, there was a runner on second base, close game, late in the innings when someone hit a hard line drive to my right. I dove and caught the ball, saving a run from scoring. As I threw back the ball to the pitcher, Bill Murray yells “Hey nice play, DON’T DO IT AGAIN!” It was a funny moment.

True Story.

Cubs Game Hug

We’d like to thank Dan for sharing the following story.
wrigley field

Image courtesy of Ron Cogswell.

Several years ago, my friend and his dad took us to a Cubs game. Being rambunctious impatient teenagers at the time, we spent the majority of the game walking around the stadium.

We stumbled upon Bill Murray surrounded by a large group; we waited for the crowd to die down so that we could have a better chance to approach him.

Finally, the crowd diminished and I asked him if I could shake his hand. He replied to me with a cold stare and said, “No, you may not.” Then he leaped towards me and gave me a very long hug.

This is one of my favorite personal moments; I still smile whenever I think of that encounter.