Hudson Valley Renegades baseball game

Bill Murray Makes Baseball Fun

We’d like to thank Kellyrose for sharing this story. The summer I was 11 years old, I looked about 8 and was habitually forced to attend Hudson Valley Renegades baseball games with my family every Friday night. Unbeknownst to my 11-year-old-Ghost-buster-loving-self, Bill Murray was part owner of this minor league baseball team. One August Friday […]

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Bill Murray and Dujuan Thomas

Bill Sung about My Town

We’d like to thank Dujuan Thomas for sharing this story. My ROTC group was in Charleston, SC for a trip. We went to the RiverDogs game and after a while I decided to wander around. I was about to take a panoramic picture of the stadium when someone said Bill Murray had just walked by. […]

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Foul Ball

We’d like to thank Chris for sharing this story. In the late ’80s when I was very young, my parents took me to a Salt Lake Trappers game in Salt Lake City. Bill Murray was part owner of the team at the time and, on the night we attended, he happened to be at the […]

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Bill’s Summer Vacation

We’d like to thank Todd for the following story. When I was about 8 or 9 years old (I’m 44 now) I was at an Aberdeen, Washington baseball camp – I believe the team was The Chokers (it was a logging town in those days). Bill Murray, famous at the time for Saturday Night Live, […]

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