Kapalua golf course

Kapalua Wedding Crasher

We’d like to thank Ray Bolognone for sharing this story. This was back around 2001-2002; I was at the Bay course in Kapalua Maui at a golf outing and, low and behold, saw Bill Murray teeing off on #1. So I followed Bill, along with maybe 20 other people. He was wearing his typical Bill […]

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Doing Some Yard Work

So this really isn’t a story (at least not the kind we normally post here) but it’s a decent segue into a clip of one of my favorite movie scenes, so I figure what the hell… Today was beautiful out, so I decided to do some yard work, get some sun, and enjoy a couple […]

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Golfing on Long Island

We’d like to thank Cassie for the following story. During the summer in the mid-90s, I was waitressing at a country club in Lake Success on Long Island, patronized by some very wealthy members and, less frequently, by celebrities. Bill Murray showed up as a guest one day. A female member – who was in […]

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