William Murray meets Bill Murray

We’d like to thank Kevin Nance for the following story.

I used to work with a really sweet middle-aged guy named William. I was training him when I found out his last name was Murray and laughed at how funny a coincidence it was (as if Bill Murray himself designed the joke). He then told he that he had actually met Bill Murray before.

He was in a bar in Chicago and saw Bill Murray by himself, so he decided to approach him. William Murray, who is very soft-spoken, went up to him, and said, “Hey man, you will never guess what my name is.” To which Bill Murray replied, “Shit for brains?”

William said, “Nah man, my name is Bill Murray”.

“Ok buddy, I am gonna’ need to see some ID”.

William told me that Bill bought him a couple of drinks and had him laughing the whole time by making fun of other people at the bar, though he couldn’t remember what was said.

Our Son’s Seizure

We’d like to thank Mike Rundle for sharing this story.

Almost 10 years ago while staying at an Embassy Suites north of Chicago for a one-night stay, our kids wanted to use the fitness room. A short time later they came back excitedly saying that Bill Murray was in there. At first we didn’t believe them, but they kept insisting so I told them to go back and just be yourselves; not staring, etc.

After about 15 to 20 minutes they came back and told us they were able to talk with him and he was really nice. He told them they could approach/talk with him, but asked that they leave his son, who was there also, alone. Continue reading

Cubs Game Hug

We’d like to thank Dan for sharing the following story.
wrigley field

Image courtesy of Ron Cogswell.

Several years ago, my friend and his dad took us to a Cubs game. Being rambunctious impatient teenagers at the time, we spent the majority of the game walking around the stadium.

We stumbled upon Bill Murray surrounded by a large group; we waited for the crowd to die down so that we could have a better chance to approach him.

Finally, the crowd diminished and I asked him if I could shake his hand. He replied to me with a cold stare and said, “No, you may not.” Then he leaped towards me and gave me a very long hug.

This is one of my favorite personal moments; I still smile whenever I think of that encounter.

Bill Murray and the Autographed Baseball

The following story comes to us from Frank.

I’m a collector of sports autographs, baseball in particular, and a number of years ago I began sending baseballs in the mail to some of my favorite celebrities and world figures. I’m also a big Bill Murray fan and it’s common knowledge he’s a Chicago Cubs fan. I sent him a ball with a note about my collecting and love for the game – including my lifelong devotion to the NY Mets.

After a few months, I came home one day to find in my pile of mail that little box with my return address on it, knowing someone had obliged my special request. Not having a clue of who this came from, which is part of the fun in tearing open one of these boxes, I was completely thrilled to see a beautiful, bold autograph right on the sweet spot… Bill Murray!

To make this even more special, blazoned above his signature, he wrote “Cub Power!” It remains on display in my home office and is one of my most prized autographs.