Courtesy of epzibah on Flickr.

At a Starbucks

We’d like to thank Bill Seybolt for this story. Years ago, I left my laptop open at a Starbucks while I left to get my drink. When I returned, Bill Murray was sitting in front of my screen tapping away on the keyboard. I looked over his shoulder as he anonymously posted a number of […]

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Summer 1985: Martha’s Vineyard

We’d like to thank Holly for the following story. I was working as a waitress at a place that was half-deli/half- restaurant, so the wait staff used deli containers (the kind that potato salad comes in) instead of glasses to save the dishwashers work. So this one time, I’m chugging my first Coke of the […]

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A Perplexing Math Question

We’d like to thank Ali for sharing this story: One time, I was sitting in the Intelligentsia Cafe by my house, struggling with a really involved proof that I just couldn’t get right. I’d been working for hours, looking pretty haggard and stressed out, not noticing anything or anyone around me, when suddenly someone leaned […]

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