Summer 1985: Martha’s Vineyard

We’d like to thank Holly for the following story.

I was working as a waitress at a place that was half-deli/half- restaurant, so the wait staff used deli containers (the kind that potato salad comes in) instead of glasses to save the dishwashers work. So this one time, I’m chugging my first Coke of the day and in walks Bill Murray – totally unexpectedly.

He takes in the whole scene and then starts giving me total shit, “You’re drinking out of the deli container!? What is going on with you? You are wacky! I love it!” Then he asked for an espresso, which I happily made.

P.S. – A few years later, I stood behind him in line at WH Smith’s in Paris. He also looked at apartments in a Donald Trump building where I was temping. Love him.

Mustard and Pastrami on Rye

We’d like to thank Adam for this story:

In the summer of 2008, my ex and I helped a friend of hers move to NYC. We drove the U-Haul up after she had flown up and secured herself an apartment. On our drive, we had an hours-long conversation about the random occurrences and silly things we had experienced prior to meeting one another; little did we know this trip would bring us both a new thing to add to our lists.

After we had gotten her friend settled, we decided to stay a few extra days to catch an upcoming show at Webster Hall. The night of the show arrived and we stopped to grab a bite to eat at a deli before making it over to the concert. As we sat eating pastrami on ryes and chit chatting, a guy came walking into the restaurant, went behind the counter, and made himself a soft drink. An employee confronted the man, which caused us to look up and take notice that it was Bill Fucking Murray.

Upon realizing that he was there, my ex grabbed my phone and started to snap a picture. As quickly as she put the phone up, he approached and grabbed the phone, snapping it closed. He then put the phone down on the table, grabbed a bottle of mustard, opened it, and squeezed what was left onto my ex’s sandwich. We practically burst into tears; we were dying with laughter. He began to walk away, quietly saying, “No one will ever believe you“, as he threw a $20 bill on the table.