Where is the Barnes & Noble at The Palisades Mall?

We would like to thank Jared for sharing the following story.

It was Christmas Eve, I think of 2007, and I was at the Palisades Mall in New York with my girlfriend at the time to do some last minute Christmas shopping. We were trying to remember which floor Barnes & Noble was on as we stepped into the elevator.

“Do you remember where Barnes & Noble is?” she asked.

“I don’t know, I think it was on the 3rd floor maybe?” I responded.

Just then, another voice entered the conversation. I was so distracted with trying to remember the location of the store that I hadn’t even noticed the other two men on the elevator with us. Continue reading

Asking for Directions in Manhattan

We’d like to thank Elsa for this story!

A few years ago, I was walking down the street in Manhattan, when a man in a white suit and Panama hat approached my friend and me and asked for directions to The Library – which is a bar, on the other side of town from where we were.

He was very drunk.

Now, to understand the true humor of this story, you have to understand that I’m visually impaired. I can’t recognize my own husband on a dark street for a minute, let alone a celebrity. So I pull out my phone and dig up the directions and tell him how to get there – and he compliments my shoes (black character shoes) and my dress (yellow seersucker) and then stumbles drunkenly into the night.

My friend turns to me and says “DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT WAS?” I reply “Some drunk guy in an awesome hat?” she replies “THAT WAS BILL FUCKING MURRAY”

And when I thought back to 30 seconds before, I realize that yes. I recognized his voice. And that was Bill Fucking Murray.