Flirty Elevator Ride

We’d like to thank Pam Victor for sharing this story.

When I was just out of college, sometime around 1988, I worked as a PA in television production. I was sent to the Brill Building – where Broadway Video was (maybe still is?) – to drop off a tape with our director.

Bill Murray got on the elevator with me. He was talking to his colleagues but being really goofy and kept looking over to see if I was laughing. It seemed like he was flirty with me, but maybe that was just in my 21 year old head. I was a HUUUUUUUGE Bill Murray fan, but determined to be cool about it, so I didn’t respond and just kept looking ahead (like a good New Yorker).

I hope he couldn’t hear me scream in excitement after he got off at his floor.

In Town for The Toronto Film Festival

We’d like to thank Ricky for the following story.

I met Bill Murray only once in a peculiar, chance meeting.

Although I rarely go downtown in Toronto, as it’s just too busy and hard to find a parking space, one day in 2002 I went to see a visiting friend who was staying at one of the big hotels (I think it was the Sheridan).

Going into the lobby, there was quite a few people milling about and I had no idea why. It turned out that it had something to do with the Toronto Film Festival. Many there were well-dressed and wearing tuxedos, while I had on shorts and a t-shirt. Continue reading

Where is the Barnes & Noble at The Palisades Mall?

We would like to thank Jared for sharing the following story.

It was Christmas Eve, I think of 2007, and I was at the Palisades Mall in New York with my girlfriend at the time to do some last minute Christmas shopping. We were trying to remember which floor Barnes & Noble was on as we stepped into the elevator.

“Do you remember where Barnes & Noble is?” she asked.

“I don’t know, I think it was on the 3rd floor maybe?” I responded.

Just then, another voice entered the conversation. I was so distracted with trying to remember the location of the store that I hadn’t even noticed the other two men on the elevator with us. Continue reading

Bill Murray in the Chrysler Building, NYC

We’d like to thank Brian for his Bill Murray Story!

In the early 80s, during my time in art school, I was a messenger for a bit. One day I had a delivery in The Chrysler Building and was in the lobby waiting for the elevator. I heard a familiar voice behind me a few feet away; I turned and saw Bill Murray with an older woman, his Mom I assumed at the time. Not many people noticed him in until I heard him tell the woman, “I have to pee”. He got on all fours at the wall by the banks of elevators and lifted his leg like a dog taking a pee. You had to be there, it was very funny with her smacking him telling him to stop.

The Elevator

We would like to thank Jared C for contributing this Bill Murray Story!

I had never been to New York City before. I found the hotel I was looking for and got into the elevator so I could get to my room on the 22nd floor. On the second floor the elevator stopped so someone could get in.

Bill Murray got in the elevator. I looked at him and said “Holy Shit, you’re Bill Murray!” to which he responded “Why are people always telling me that? I know.” He then preceded to click the button for every floor so that the elevator would stop 20 more times before I reached my destination.

When the elevator reached the third floor, Bill Murray walked off the elevator, turned around, and said “Nobody will ever believe you.”