Pimento Spread – JFK to CHS

We would like to thank Chris for the following story.

My encounter with Bill Murray occurred in March 2013. I was waiting at the airport with my wife and two kids to take off for our two-week Hawaiian vacation. The gate next to ours was to Charleston, SC. The Charleston flight must have been a new flight from JFK, because they had a breakfast buffet for passengers celebrating food from South Carolina.

We stayed away from the buffet for the first hour or so, but eventually it seemed that everyone (not just the people flying to Charleston) started to help themselves to the fresh fruits and pastries. I eventually went over to the buffet and poured myself a cup of coffee, prepared a bagel, and grabbed some fresh fruit for my wife and kids. Continue reading

Even Bill Murray Can’t Resist Fresh Popcorn

We’d like to thank Emily for sharing the following story with us.

Back in my early 20’s, I worked for a large performing arts organization in New York City. We were producing a star-studded benefit concert and Bill Murray was one of the stars.

As part of my job at the time (office manager), I would make a large bowl of microwave popcorn every Friday afternoon for the office staff. The microwave was located in the basement green room, just down the hall from where the star-studded benefit was rehearsing.

I went down to make the popcorn and after I finished, I was heading back towards the stairs with a huge bowl of fresh hot buttered popcorn. From behind, I heard a whispered voice calling me from down the hall saying “Oooh oooh, wait! Hold up for just a second!” I turned around and who did I see but Bill Murray scampering down the hall toward me.

He stuck his face down over the bowl of popcorn and inhaled deeply. Then, using both hands, he scooped out a large handful of popcorn (it was a huge bowl – about 5-6 bags worth, so I didn’t mind). He looked up at me, said, “You just made my day”, and proceeded to run back down the hall to the rehearsal room while stuffing popcorn in his face.

No Bill, you just made MY day!

Dining Next to Bill Murray

Editor: Today’s Bill Murray Story is from Karena. Thanks!

My story is not the strange or bizarre variety but rather a story of unexpected generosity. A few years back, I went on a trip to NYC with my sister and a friend to celebrate my sister’s 30th birthday. I planned the trip to include an amazing night out and made reservations at a popular restaurant in the Tribeca area. When we arrived all decked out in our birthday bash best we stood at the bar and just took in the scene while we waited for our table to be ready.

As I was scanning the room to see where we might be seated a table in the center of the dining area caught my eye – there sitting enjoying his meal was Bill Murray and his son Homer. I thought to myself that it would be so awesome to be seated next to their table, what a great birthday gift for my sister. To my surprise, that is exactly what happened. While seated next to Mr. Murray, we giggled, laughed, and OMG’d for a few minutes before we decided we had to stop. We were being very obvious and he probably would be annoyed if we continued, so we decided to focus on our meal, our drinks, and celebrating.

Boy did we dine; we laughed, we ate amazing food and drank glasses of champagne toasting to my sister’s birthday, all the while Bill and his son quietly dined next to us. Bill and his son finished up and prepared to leave. Much to our shock, as they stood to leave, Bill walked right over to our table and said, “I just have to say that you are a table of very attractive women and it has been a pleasure dining next to you”.

In complete shock, nobody knew what to say, but we told him thank you and that we were there celebrating my sister’s 30th birthday. He introduced his son and said happy birthday to my sister. We had a few more polite comments, and then he wished us a great night and left.

A minute later, our waiter came to ask us if we would like another drink. We responded “no”, that we were all set and asked him to bring the check. He smiled and said “Not to worry, Mr. Murray already paid your bill and would like you to enjoy another drink on him”. I am sure the amount of the bill was peanuts to Bill, but to us it was a complete splurge, so, what the hell – “Another round of champagne, please!” Completely true story.

A Dose of His Own Medicine

We would like to thank Tony J for contributing his Bill Murray Story

A few years ago, I was in a little pizza joint in Little Italy, in the Bronx. I was sitting at the counter with my brother, and we had just gotten our slices. We were about to dig in when we saw who of all people? Bill Murray sitting in the corner eating some sort of pasta dish with a bag of unopened chips.

Now, my brother has a few friends in Hollywood, and he had heard of the strange things Bill Murray liked doing to unsuspecting strangers. So my brother figured he’d give Bill a taste of his own medicine.

He walked up to Bill, picked up his bag of chips, opened it, took one, ate it, and said to him “No one will ever believe YOU!” And walked away.

Bill sat stunned for about three seconds, before bursting out into raucous laughter and coming over to give my brother a big hug and a 50-dollar bill for having the balls to do it.

I’ll never forget it.

Hamburgers with Bill

We would like to thank Blake for his Bill Murray story.

As I go to pick up my friend from work at In-N-Out (a west coast burger chain). I find myself ordering behind Bill Murray. Surprised that I am the only one that recognized him. He goes to sit down after ordering his food and I ask to join him. He gave a nod of agreement.

Sitting across from Bill Murray, we talked about life. He opened my eyes and showed me the true meaning of life. He got up and said “it was my honor to meet him.” Then he said “Don’t bother telling anyone our conversation, no one will ever believe you.”

No one has ever believed my story.