Super Bowl XX

We’d like to thank Joe for today’s story. My grandfather’s friend worked for the McCaskey family and the Bears in the 70’s and 80’s, so she threw our family a couple tickets to Super Bowl XX. My uncle and cousin, both in their early 20’s at the time, wound up going to the game. Since […]

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Birthday Boy

We’d like to thank Jason for sharing this story. I met Bill at a Pee Dee Academy football game in the very small town of Mullins, SC. His sons were players on the visiting team. Rumors were Bill was in attendance so once the game ended I walked over to the visitor side of the […]

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Bill Murray at Clemson Tigers game

Go Tigers!

We’d like to thank Drew for today’s story. The date was October 19, 2013. It was a foggy morning in the small, but loud, town of Clemson, South Carolina. It was a typical Saturday morning for this time of year – full of tailgating in anticipation for the local football team, The Clemson Tigers. The […]

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Cornell Marching Band

Bill Murray Orchestrates Cornell Marching Band

We’d like to thank Cashel for sharing this story October 2011: Ithacans have a surprising encounter with the legendary actor Bill Murray. Unbeknownst to the majority of the Cornell-Harvard football game spectators, Bill Murray was anonymously, secretively in attendance. Per usual, at the end of the game, the Cornell marching band stuck around to jam […]

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