A Walk Down the Fairway

We’d like to thank Tim for today’s story.

It was the summer of 2003 at the Greater Hartford Open. I was 12 years old working as a volunteer at the tournament. As an avid golf enthusiast and naturally a fan of Caddyshack, I was very excited to see Bill play.

After being snubbed earlier in the day by Bo Jackson, my morale was low. My hopes of meeting Murray were fleeting. I waited for Bill patiently to arrive at the hole where I was stationed.

As he teed off and began to move down the fairway, I knew meeting him was the truly important task at hand. He began interacting with the crowd. I took my chance. I must have screamed “Mr. Murray” about 10 times until finally he responded “Jesus kid, what?!”

I was so shocked at the fact that I was being spoken to directly, over everyone else, that I completely lost the ability to speak. He then praised my persistence and invited me to walk the rest of the hole with him and even signed my hat. Best golf memory I will ever have.

Bill Murray and My Mom, While my Dad Watched

Photo by tyrian123 on Flickr.
We’d like to thank Justin for sharing today’s story.

In ‘92 or ‘93, I came in from Oregon to visit with my folks at Pebble Beach. We were there for a Pro-Am Golf Tournament put on by Peter Jacobsen, a PGA pro who was a friend of ours. Bill Murray was his partner for the weekend and the shenanigans were many.

But the crowning moment was when Bill hit an incredible shot about a foot from the pin on the back 9, and the gallery went wild. Bill turned, addressed the crowd, and took a big bow. He then walked up to my mother (my father was right there) put his hands around her waist, leaned in, and planted a 5 second long wet kiss… on her nose.

He then gave my dad his golf glove and walked away.

Indian Hill Club, Summer of 1970

We’d like to thank Allan (Gunner) Johnson for this story.

I met Bill in the summer of 1970 at Indian Hill Club in Winnetka, Illinois (the Club which formed the base for Caddyshack). Bill was a caddy and I worked as a life guard/snack bar cook/maintenance man there. Bill would stop by the pool on occasion when it was raining and he was unable to caddy. He would tell the funniest stories. When I first saw him on SNL years later, I went nuts, yelling, “I knew that guy would end up on TV”. Continue reading

Bill In North Brookfield, MA

We’d like to thank Shane for the following story.

In the spring of 2005 or 2006, after playing 9 holes of golf with my brother-in-law and having a couple drinks, we headed back to my apartment to meet up with my wife. We decided to go to a local bar/restaurant and were walking downtown when I spotted Bill coming out of a convenience store (I believe his son attended a school in the area).

I immediately saw him and ran over as he was getting into his Jeep. I shook his hand, introduced him to my wife and brother-in-law, and talked a little golf. Without asking him, he started to go into the “Carl Spackler” voice, saying, “You can play with a fade” and other golf-related stuff. He couldn’t have been a nicer guy and did the Caddyshack voice for the rest of the conversation as he went on his way. AWESOME GUY!!