Sleepy Hollow Country Club – 10th Hole

We’d like to thank Brandon for sharing today’s story.

It was the Summer/Fall of 1991 at Sleepy Hollow Country Club in Scarborough, NY. I had caddied at Sleepy Hollow since I was 13 and had recently returned to NY upon college graduation. While away at college, I had heard that Bill Murray had become a golf member at Sleepy Hollow and all the caddies were buzzing about it. I went up to Sleepy to make a loop (golf jargon) and earn some cash.

I was pleasantly surprised and greatly appreciative when Joe Barreiro (the long time Caddy Master) assigned me to caddy for Bill Murray. It was the most memorable and fun-filled loop I’d ever had. Bill Murray was reciting lines from Caddyshack and I was absolutely thrilled to be in his company. His shtick is exactly what you see in the movies! Fun and funny guy!

The most memorable moment of that loop occurred when we got to the 10th Hole. This is a par 3 hole surrounded by water – the lake hole. Bill Murray playfully and jokingly attempted to throw me in – and he almost did! At the last moment, I side stepped his final shove and avoided being dunked in the lake.

Bill Murray commented something like “I’m glad you’re fast kid, otherwise they’d be telling stories around the clubhouse of me throwing a caddy in the lake”. We all shared a great laugh! At the end of the loop, Bill Murray tipped me $100 bucks, which, to this day, I fondly remember not only this fun filled loop, but also his generosity. Great guy!

Bill Murray Orchestrates Cornell Marching Band

Cornell Marching Band
We’d like to thank Cashel for sharing this story

October 2011: Ithacans have a surprising encounter with the legendary actor Bill Murray.

Unbeknownst to the majority of the Cornell-Harvard football game spectators, Bill Murray was anonymously, secretively in attendance. Per usual, at the end of the game, the Cornell marching band stuck around to jam and play a few sets. I was just a high school student at the time and found myself tossing around a football on the field after the game. I noticed the band yipping and cheering for seemingly no reason, so I walked over, joining a crowd of shako-wearing, brass-wielding college students.
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Who Could ‘Hate’ Bill Murray?

piermont new york
The following story was shared by Linda Epstein.

I was driving around Nyack, New York one sunny afternoon with a very opinionated friend. We were chatting about Saturday Night Live because my dad had been the manager of guest relations at NBC and I was lucky enough to see many performances during the first several years of the show.

My friend vehemently announced “I HATE Bill Murray.” I said “What? How can you possibly ‘hate’ him? You don’t know him; he’s not controversial, he’s not offensive in any way. I don’t get it.”

This began a lively ‘disagreement’, which lasted at least ten annoying minutes, as we continued driving along the Hudson River in Piermont. I was aiming towards a winding road past Tallman Mountain Park that would lead us down toward the river. We changed subjects and slowly fell into silence, enjoying the ride.

The road I was on tapered completely until it became a one-lane gravel mess with a convertible approaching us at a very slow speed. As in a game of ‘chicken’, one of us had to stop completely in order to allow the other to come through. I stopped. The car came toward us. Blind as I am, it took a few moments for my friend and I to focus and then realize the driver of the oncoming car was Bill Murray.

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A Trip to Long Beach with Bill Murray, A Long Time Ago

The following story was submitted by Christine – Thank you!

It was spring around 1981; I was living in Fresh Meadows, Queens with my BFF Donna. I had taken the red-eye home from visiting my sister in LA that morning, then went to work but left early because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I remember falling asleep on the living room floor, then being woken up by someone banging on the door.

“Chrissie, wake up and get dressed. Bill Murray is downstairs and we have to take him to Long Beach… I’ll explain in the car.” I remember digging through my suitcase and grabbing whatever I could. I got dressed and stumbled outside and, yes, Bill Murray and a friend were sitting there in Donna’s beat up Honda Civic. They handed us a quart bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon and we were on our way.

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Growing Up

We’d like to thank Erin for sharing this story.

When I was in my early teens, I attended JHS and HS with Bill Murray’s son Homer. I lived in Rockland County, NY and nearby was a place called Snedens Landing. Many celebrities owned big beautiful homes there; several of their kids attended the public schools.

A 5-minute walk from my apartment complex was one of the tiniest towns in New York – Sparkill. It consisted of two or three roads and one traffic light. Located in the center of Sparkill was the worlds tiniest barbershop, which was owned and operated by an elderly gentleman named De Soto. De Soto was (he has probably passed on by now) Bill Murray’s barber.

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