At a Starbucks

Courtesy of epzibah on Flickr.
We’d like to thank Bill Seybolt for this story.

Years ago, I left my laptop open at a Starbucks while I left to get my drink. When I returned, Bill Murray was sitting in front of my screen tapping away on the keyboard. I looked over his shoulder as he anonymously posted a number of stories regarding encounters with himself. They ranged from tackling others, stealing food and other fun oddities. When he finished, he closed my laptop, stood up, and looked me in the eye. Then he said, “No one will ever believe you” and walked away.

I Saw the Script for Ghostbusters 3 at Down The Hatch in NYC

down the hatch nyc
The following story was shared by navkat.

I saw the script for a new GB movie once – I was having drinks and wings at Down The Hatch on W. 4th in the West Village in NY.

Bill Murray came in and ordered a basket of Suicidal wings and a scotch, neat. He was carrying a manuscript under his arm, which he laid on the seat next to him. I wanted to say hello but I didn’t want to seem starstruck so I just smiled and waved my drink at him.

As the night progressed, he ordered more drinks and more wings. At some point, as is usually the case at DTH, with his hands covered in wing sauce, Bill Murray ran out of napkins. After a couple of halfhearted attempts at getting the bartender’s attention, Mr. Murray began tearing pages off the top of the manuscript next to him and using them to wipe his hands. Odd, but not altogether crazy. Continue reading

That’s Bill Murray!

bill murray and caleb davis
We’d like to thank Caleb Davis for the following story.

It was New Years 2009 in Crested Butte, Colorado. A few friends and I were skiing and partaking in various shenanigans when we decided to head out for some New Years Eve fireworks and festivities.

The temperature was 5 degrees, but felt even less. It quickly became apparent that fireworks are not that fun when the weather is so cold, so we decided to head to a warm, cozy bar instead. Right as we were about to leave, one of my friends realized there was something familiar about a gentleman standing about 20 yards away from us, eventually deciding “Dudes, that’s Bill Murray over there“.

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Bill Murray – A True Gentleman

We’d like to thank Mike for sharing the following story.

I’m from Minnesota, but was at a meeting in Charleston, SC on October 24. After dinner, my friends and I walked to the King Street Grille to watch the World Series. When we walked in, we noticed Mr. Murray sitting at a table near the front of the bar. I am very shy and wanted to leave him alone. I always like to respect a man’s privacy.

Anyway, a few in my party had the guts to shake his hand and even buy him a drink. Some may have even shot a picture. I thought it was just cool to have seen him.

I texted my kids, one of which is a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, to let them know Mr. Murray was in the same bar as I was. My son Zach, the paratrooper, texted me: “Tell him ‘Chive on’ and try and get his autograph Dad, for the love of God… he’s our hero around here…”

Since I am very shy, and didn’t want to bother him, I borrowed my friend’s pen, grabbed a bar napkin and wrote:

“Mr. Murray – My son is a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne. Says ‘Chive On”. Would like your autograph. Hate to bother you.”

I walked downstairs to give him my note. To my dismay, the table was empty, but then I realized he was settling up his tab at the door. As he was walking out to the street, I met him and said essentially what I had written on the napkin (paratrooper, chive-on, etc.). He smiled after the “Chive-On” comment. Acknowledging me, he took the napkin saying “and you wrote all that down too?”

On the bottom of the napkin he wrote: “No one will ever believe you, Dad” and autographed it.

He then shook my hand and said to wish Zach the best.

Zach is going to frame the napkin with a poster in his room at the barracks at Fort Bragg. What a guy… to take a few moments to acknowledge a shy Minnesota Army Dad. You are the best Bill!

Mike Morgan
Pipestone, MN

The Red Arrow Incident

We’d like to thank Justin Gish for the following story.

red arrow highway signI was driving up Red Arrow Highway, on my way to the Stray Dog Bar and Grill, when a silver Beetle came up fast behind me. The car followed me close for a mile, so I sped up, cursing the bastard who would tailgate me on a two-lane highway. As my speed increased, the Beetle fell back, so my anger ebbed as I pulled into town and idled at a stoplight. But as I waited for permission to turn left, that damn Beetle pulled up beside me and I got worked up again.

I wanted to get a look at the cat who got my blood pressure up a few miles back and boy was I surprised when the driver turned out to be Bill Murray. I no longer wanted to tell him what I thought of his driving; I was sure he didn’t mean anything by it. But, seeing as it was Bill Murray, I had to say something.

silver vw beetleHis window was down, so I rolled mine down as well and leaned across my empty passenger seat. He was still looking dead ahead, not even a glance in my direction, so I yelled “FORE!” and he dropped like a prairie dog about to be leveled by a Jeep. After he popped back up, he looked my way and I told him that The Razor’s Edge was my favorite movie. He just smiled, shook his head, and said, “Nobody will ever believe you.”