Saving the Day in Santa Monica

We’d like to thank Mark for sharing today’s story.

I had just moved to LA when I was pulled over by a police officer. My offense? Somebody took the registration tag off my license plate before I moved. My car was registered, though, so the officer let me go on my way, but told me I had to go to the DMV for a new tag. A few days later, I had an appointment at the local DMV in Santa Monica.

When called to the designated numbered stall to hand in my paperwork, I was met with a charge of 18 dollars. Sure, $18 doesn’t seem like a lot, but my feeling was “Why should I have to pay for someone stealing from me”. Giving my money to the DMV would be like being burglarized twice, except, for the second time, I just hand the thief cash. Continue reading

Mustard and Pastrami on Rye

We’d like to thank Adam for this story:

In the summer of 2008, my ex and I helped a friend of hers move to NYC. We drove the U-Haul up after she had flown up and secured herself an apartment. On our drive, we had an hours-long conversation about the random occurrences and silly things we had experienced prior to meeting one another; little did we know this trip would bring us both a new thing to add to our lists.

After we had gotten her friend settled, we decided to stay a few extra days to catch an upcoming show at Webster Hall. The night of the show arrived and we stopped to grab a bite to eat at a deli before making it over to the concert. As we sat eating pastrami on ryes and chit chatting, a guy came walking into the restaurant, went behind the counter, and made himself a soft drink. An employee confronted the man, which caused us to look up and take notice that it was Bill Fucking Murray.

Upon realizing that he was there, my ex grabbed my phone and started to snap a picture. As quickly as she put the phone up, he approached and grabbed the phone, snapping it closed. He then put the phone down on the table, grabbed a bottle of mustard, opened it, and squeezed what was left onto my ex’s sandwich. We practically burst into tears; we were dying with laughter. He began to walk away, quietly saying, “No one will ever believe you“, as he threw a $20 bill on the table.

Renting Some Movies at Blockbuster

We’d like to thank Calypte for this story:

I was working at Blockbuster in the Poconos late one night. The CSR on duty was in the back getting stuff to re-stock the snack shelves when, all of a sudden, Bill Murray walked in. The store was completely silent, since I had already turned off the overhead TVs, and was empty except for the two of us. So he walked around for about 2 minutes and eventually came up to the counter with Caddy Shack and Ghostbusters.

“Which one do you suggest?” he asked me completely serious, as if he had never heard of the two films. I looked at him bewildered for a moment than said “Ghostbusters… it’s a classic…” He reached over the counter, unlocked the magnetic lock on the case, deactivated the security strip, then grinned and walked out of the store before I could even react. I ran to the door after him and, before getting into his car, he turned around for a moment and mouthed to me “No one will ever believe you”.

Looking for Ryan Gosling on a College Campus

The following story is from Trey. Thanks!

A lot of weird things happen to me in my life. I’ve been held at gunpoint by an old woman, gotten my car totaled by a cow, and have been robbed in a Taco Bell drive-thru.

So, I decided to start documenting everything that happens to me to prove it as factual. I constantly have a tape recorder on and in my pocket at all times during the day.

It’s just like any other day, except news is spreading around my college campus (at 11:30pm, mind you) that heartthrob Ryan Gosling is at a local cafe just down the street. About fifteen other students and I rush down to the cafe in hopes of meeting the hunk and maybe snapping a picture.

We are scoping out the cafe and can’t find him, so we look outside. I’m checking the patio behind the building when suddenly, from behind me, I hear someone in a deep burly voice ask “Hey, have you heard that Ryan Gosling was here?”

I whip around and guess who it was? It’s Bill Fucking Murray. I’m speechless. I manage to say, “Can’t find him” in a high-pitched voice like a twelve year old girl. He says, “Aw shucks, that stinks. Oh well!” and starts to walk into the surrounding neighborhood behind us.

Right as he’s walking out of my sight he turns around, pulls my tape recorder out of my pocket, whispers something into it, and hands it back to me. Then he disappears into the night.

I’m stunned. I look around for my friends and can’t find them. I check my tape recorder, happy that I can prove something that has happened to me. I listen, and all I find, in a whisper, is “No one will ever believe you”.

A Perplexing Math Question

We’d like to thank Ali for sharing this story:

One time, I was sitting in the Intelligentsia Cafe by my house, struggling with a really involved proof that I just couldn’t get right. I’d been working for hours, looking pretty haggard and stressed out, not noticing anything or anyone around me, when suddenly someone leaned over me, snatched my pencil, wrote “converges to 1/e” near the middle of my work, crossed out everything below it, then wrote “QED”. Shocked (and elated, since it was true!) I looked up and saw Bill Murray staring down at me. “No one will ever believe you”, was all he said, and he walked away.