The Inspiring Mr. Murray

We’d like to thank Andy for sharing this story. Somewhere back around 2006 my special needs son Jayden was constantly in and out of hospitals for brain surgeries after being devastated by the after effects of meningitis. After one such stay at Presbyterian Hospital in NY, my son and I were waiting in front for […]

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Bill Murray and Lady Gaga

What Does Your Hat Say?

We’d like to thank Kim for this story. My friends and I were waiting outside of the Late Show with David Letterman in NYC for Lady Gaga who was a guest on the show. We weren’t quite sure where to stand to get the best chance to meet Lady Gaga so we were just roaming […]

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Flirty Elevator Ride

We’d like to thank Pam Victor for sharing this story. When I was just out of college, sometime around 1988, I worked as a PA in television production. I was sent to the Brill Building – where Broadway Video was (maybe still is?) – to drop off a tape with our director. Bill Murray got […]

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