The Inspiring Mr. Murray

We’d like to thank Andy for sharing this story.

Somewhere back around 2006 my special needs son Jayden was constantly in and out of hospitals for brain surgeries after being devastated by the after effects of meningitis. After one such stay at Presbyterian Hospital in NY, my son and I were waiting in front for the valet to bring my car. I looked up and saw Bill Murray walking out of the hospital with a group of people.

Mr. Murray I’m sure saw my excitement and without hesitation handed everything in his hands off and shooed the people with him along. He walked over with a great big smile and open arms, he hugged me and then got down on his knees next to my son in his wheelchair and gave him a great big hug and stayed on his knees talking to my son and I for 15-20 minutes. Continue reading

What Does Your Hat Say?

Bill Murray and Lady Gaga
We’d like to thank Kim for this story.

My friends and I were waiting outside of the Late Show with David Letterman in NYC for Lady Gaga who was a guest on the show. We weren’t quite sure where to stand to get the best chance to meet Lady Gaga so we were just roaming around. We were all just chatting when an older man in a baseball cap asks my friend, “Hey what does the back of your hat say?”

As I turn to look to see who was asking this question I realize I’m looking at Bill Murray. Completely shocked and caught off guard as my friend is answering Bill (the hat said The Headless Horseman), I say, “Bill would you mind taking a photo?”

He starts walking away and says, “No, you weren’t quick enough.” He entered the Late Show studio, where he was a surprise guest, while my friends and I just stared at each other wondering if that really just happened.

A few hours later, Bill and David did some taping outside for a segment on the show. Bill was on a megaphone yelling directions and jokes at the crowd.

I Saw the Script for Ghostbusters 3 at Down The Hatch in NYC

down the hatch nyc
The following story was shared by navkat.

I saw the script for a new GB movie once – I was having drinks and wings at Down The Hatch on W. 4th in the West Village in NY.

Bill Murray came in and ordered a basket of Suicidal wings and a scotch, neat. He was carrying a manuscript under his arm, which he laid on the seat next to him. I wanted to say hello but I didn’t want to seem starstruck so I just smiled and waved my drink at him.

As the night progressed, he ordered more drinks and more wings. At some point, as is usually the case at DTH, with his hands covered in wing sauce, Bill Murray ran out of napkins. After a couple of halfhearted attempts at getting the bartender’s attention, Mr. Murray began tearing pages off the top of the manuscript next to him and using them to wipe his hands. Odd, but not altogether crazy. Continue reading

Flirty Elevator Ride

We’d like to thank Pam Victor for sharing this story.

When I was just out of college, sometime around 1988, I worked as a PA in television production. I was sent to the Brill Building – where Broadway Video was (maybe still is?) – to drop off a tape with our director.

Bill Murray got on the elevator with me. He was talking to his colleagues but being really goofy and kept looking over to see if I was laughing. It seemed like he was flirty with me, but maybe that was just in my 21 year old head. I was a HUUUUUUUGE Bill Murray fan, but determined to be cool about it, so I didn’t respond and just kept looking ahead (like a good New Yorker).

I hope he couldn’t hear me scream in excitement after he got off at his floor.

Partying Like It’s 1985

bill murray lounge singer

Around 1985 or 86, when I lived in New York City, I went by myself to see the movie Stop Making Sense featuring the Talking Heads. Afterward I headed towards home, walking along something like West 57th in Midtown. And the streets were fairly deserted. I saw a man walking by with his arms around two women. I didn’t really take any notice until after they’d passed, when I heard him sing “Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999” sung in the lounge lizard style Bill Murray used on SNL. Then, as I looked over, I recognized him from his walk and build, though I never saw his face. There is no doubt in my mind, however, that it was The Man Himself.