Bill Sung about My Town

Bill Murray and Dujuan Thomas
We’d like to thank Dujuan Thomas for sharing this story.

My ROTC group was in Charleston, SC for a trip. We went to the RiverDogs game and after a while I decided to wander around. I was about to take a panoramic picture of the stadium when someone said Bill Murray had just walked by. I told my friend and we went off to find him.

After a few minutes, we saw him sitting near the team’s dugout. By then, I was super excited! I was like “it’s Bill Freaking Murray!!” After watching some guy go down and talk to him, I finally gained the nerves to go down myself. I came beside him and said, “Hey Mr. Murray, sorry to intrude but I had to meet you.” He said “it’s alright, sit down with me the batter’s up.” Continue reading

Bill Murray Inducted Into Minor League Baseball Hall of Fame, Gives a Great Speech

I am going to post another user-submitted story later today, but, in the mean time, I want to share the following videos. I realize a lot of you may have seen these already, but here they are just in case.

The video was produced by SB Nation and accompanies an article: Bill Murray, The Best Boss In Baseball. After watching it, you will fully agree with that statement.

In the above video, there are clips of the speech he gave after being inducted into the South Atlantic League Hall of Fame. Here is the video of the full speech:

Bill Murray at a RiverDogs Baseball Game

We’d like to thank Kenneth for his Bill Murray Story!

So there I was at a RiverDogs baseball game, it is the 7th inning, and I’m feeling pretty good from the cold beer in the summer sun, doing my usual taunts and trash talking when some guy a couple rows up yells at me to shut up. I think to myself, “I paid my money and this isn’t golf ; so I’m gonna’ yell what I want, as loud as I want”.

After another RiverDogs home run, I go nuts screaming at the other team about how much they suck and, like a wild pitch, a half eaten (fully loaded) hot dog hits me right square in the back of the head.

As I slowly turn around to see who’s going to get my empty Miller Lite can, I see Bill Fucking Murray standing alone. As I zero in on his face, trying to be pissed off at one of the funniest men I watched growing up, he mouths the words “No one will ever believe you“.