Kapalua golf course

Kapalua Wedding Crasher

We’d like to thank Ray Bolognone for sharing this story. This was back around 2001-2002; I was at the Bay course in Kapalua Maui at a golf outing and, low and behold, saw Bill Murray teeing off on #1. So I followed Bill, along with maybe 20 other people. He was wearing his typical Bill […]

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Autograph at My Wedding

We’d like to thank Owen Malbec for this story. I was married on May 26, 1990 at the Garrison Golf & Country Club in Garrison, NY. Bill Murray was playing golf that day and, although we didn’t meet him, the club person that was our organizer got Bill to autograph one of our matchbooks (a […]

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The Wedding Gamble

We would like to thank J.C. for his Bill Murray Story. Thanks you! Having a large family, it stands to reason that a Murray would eventually hook up with a Minnesota girl. It was the dead of winter, at a Murray brother’s wedding reception at the Calhoun Beach Club in the heart of Minneapolis. A […]

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