A Gas Station in New Jersey

About a year ago, I stopped to get gas at an Exxon station at a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike. I went inside the store to pay and, when I got back to the car, saw that someone had the door open and was stealing change from the ash tray. I ran over to the car and yelled “What the fuck?” at the man, who was dressed in gray sweat pants and had a faded tie dye shirt on. I got to the car right as the man got out and, to my surprise, saw it was Bill Murray! I stood there looking at him for almost a minute, totally shocked. He looked right at me and smiled. After a moment, he calmly said “no one will ever believe you” and then walked away.

12 thoughts to “A Gas Station in New Jersey”

  1. You don’t go inside to pay at new jersey gas stations. All gas stations are full service by law. This could have never happened, not in jersey anyway.

  2. For some reason, at this one, you do. In all fairness, he did say no one would ever believe me, though.

  3. Same in Oregon, so don’t move the story there. Nevada could work. in fact, Nevada would give the whole thing a completely different vibe. Yeah. Go with Nevada.

  4. I live in Oregon and if you’re paying in cash, some stations require you to go inside and pre-pay before they start pumping it.

  5. Yeah, This is just a remake of another story where bill murray took french fries off someone’s tray and said “no one will ever believe you.” You just remade the story and plagiarized the punch line.

  6. Bill Murray isn’t real. He is just one of our parents dressed up to bring joy and cheer to people.

  7. or bill murray would go around doing this to people just so that nobody would believe anybody because of all the instances of it happening to different people

  8. I believe it. I was making sweet love to my girlfriend and had to run to the bathroom. I walked back into the room and wouldn’t you know, Bill Murray was pile driving my chic.

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