Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia at 4am

It was towards the beginning of June 2008. After a long night at a friends apartment in Center City Philadelphia, I decided to take a walk through Rittenhouse Square on my way home to South Philly. It was nice out, fairly warm but not too humid. The usual late night crew was there: homeless sleeping on benches, a group of college kids with their bikes sitting around and smoking on a patch of grass, and maybe a late night dog walker or so. I stopped for a moment and sat on a stone wall to return a call from a buddy of mine. As I hung up I noticed a group of guys shooting dice on the other side of the fountain. As I stood there watching, I started to hear a commotion coming from the group. As the argument heated up, a man broke from the group and bolted across the park. Right as he passed in front of me, he tripped over a cobblestone, sliding a yard or so on his side. As he got up and dusted himself off, I saw it was Bill Murray!

As he dusted himself off, he looked up at me and calmly said “No one will ever believe you.”