A Dose of His Own Medicine

We would like to thank Tony J for contributing his Bill Murray Story

A few years ago, I was in a little pizza joint in Little Italy, in the Bronx. I was sitting at the counter with my brother, and we had just gotten our slices. We were about to dig in when we saw who of all people? Bill Murray sitting in the corner eating some sort of pasta dish with a bag of unopened chips.

Now, my brother has a few friends in Hollywood, and he had heard of the strange things Bill Murray liked doing to unsuspecting strangers. So my brother figured he’d give Bill a taste of his own medicine.

He walked up to Bill, picked up his bag of chips, opened it, took one, ate it, and said to him “No one will ever believe YOU!” And walked away.

Bill sat stunned for about three seconds, before bursting out into raucous laughter and coming over to give my brother a big hug and a 50-dollar bill for having the balls to do it.

I’ll never forget it.

5 thoughts to “A Dose of His Own Medicine”

  1. First “I call bullshit (or s/I say ‘billshit’) – Little Italy is in Manhattan you ass; not the Bronx

    1. Yeah – all New Yorkers know the real Littly Italy is in the Bronx. That bullshit down near Canal Street is just for tourists.

      1. There’s a Little Italy in my town of Susanville so why can’t there be one in Bronx. Is it restricted to Manhattan. No, they’re restaurants.

  2. You should probably settle down with the BS and name calls until you Google-Little Italy Bronx. Which abuts right up against Fordham Universiy Campus. Their San Gennaro festiva is legendary.

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