Bill Murray and the Trays

This Bill Murray Story was sent to us by Shelby. Thanks Shelby!

So I work at a restaurant/cafeteria called MCL. One day I was doing my work at the salads station cleaning up some salad dressing spills. When a man in a big trench coat and sunglasses entered. I didn’t think much of it, considering it was winter and it was daylight out. I looked around to see who else was up on the line with me and everyone except for one of the managers was in the back.

Next thing you know the man started taking trays (roughly 15) one by one and placing them on top of his head. Me and my boss looked at him with much confusion. Then he took them and threw them down the line. (No one was in line. We were pretty much dead.)

At that moment my manager stepped in and asked what this guy’s problem was. The man took off his trench coat and sun glasses and, after I realized it was Bill Murray, he looked at me blankly and said “No one will ever believe you.” before he walked out.