Happy Groundhog Day Everyone!

Hey Bill Murray Fans! Hope you’ve all been having a great Groundhog Day so far. The weather is cold, wet, and gray here in Pennsylvania; however, the groundhog didn’t see his shadow today, which means spring is near! I know this might not mean as much for our readers who are lucky enough to reside in places like sunny California and Australia – but here in the Northeastern U.S., we have been seeing a lot of snow, sleet, and very cold temperatures lately. Tonight I plan on cooking myself some pasta, cracking open a beer, and watching the movie Groundhog Day; probably one of Bill Murray’s best performances.

Question: What would you do if you discovered you were living each day over and over again, as in the movie?

2 thoughts to “Happy Groundhog Day Everyone!”

  1. I would probably pay for meals and hotel rooms for all the homeless people in the town. It would be interesting to see how people would react.

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