Meeting Bill at the Cubs Game

We would like to thank Tim for contributing his Bill Murray Story. Thank you!

Step back 20 years, I’m 12 years old. My dad and grandpa bring me to the Cubs game the day before Easter. We have season tickets, 4th row behind the Cubs dugout. Early in the game, we notice Bill sitting in the 3rd row, about 10 seats to the right. Wrigley isn’t really that crowded, but security won’t let anyone hear Bill (and assuming it was his daughter that was with him).

I want to get an autograph, so my grandpa tears off the back of his cigar box and hands me his scorecard pen. I crouch down and make my way behind Bill. “Mr. Murray”, I say, somewhat shy. His head slowly turns, and he is looking at me through the corner of his eye. He says “What do you want?” with that serious, but almost joking manner that Bill does so well.

I ask if I could get his autograph, he sighs and says yes, and then smiles, and takes my cigar box piece and pen. He signs it, returns everything back to me, smiles, and I say “thanks!”

I scoot back over to my seat, super excited to show my dad and grandpa my autograph. We take a look, and start laughing even more. It says:

To Tim:
Merry Christmas
Bill Murray

I just thought this was so funny as a kid, because it wasn’t Christmas, it was Easter!

I tell the story all of the time and will never forget it. I still have and cherish this autograph. Bill is the man.

Thanks Bill! 🙂

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