The Wedding Gamble

We would like to thank J.C. for his Bill Murray Story. Thanks you!

Having a large family, it stands to reason that a Murray would eventually hook up with a Minnesota girl.

It was the dead of winter, at a Murray brother’s wedding reception at the Calhoun Beach Club in the heart of Minneapolis. A friend of mine was an apprentice chef who drew the short straw. He was forcibly commissioned by any/all kitchen staff to clean up and enter the main ballroom. When he found Bill Murray, he was to ask if he would stop by and say just a quick hello to the hard working kitchen staff that had prepared the meal.

When he approached and asked, he received a cool and undeniably non-committal wave, bordering on the ol’ brush off. Dejected, my friend returned to the kitchen to continue the breakdown of the feast. As some staff muttered and others avoided eye contact for nearly half an hour, suddenly the double door to the kitchen proper burst open!

There stood Bill Murray! He had procured 2 cases of beer and two bottles of whiskey from the reception bar; he wanted to get some air and scare up a poker game! He remembered my friend and asked him if he lived close by and knew enough people to meet at his apartment for a quick booze/Texas hold ’em session?

Bill pulled a limo around back by the kitchen entrance. All included, kitchen staff and some very lucky friends that lived close by, there were 8-10 people at my buddy’s place. After an hour or so of happy, heavy drinking, shots, cards and a few pictures; he announced that he should get back to the festivities at the beach club and, just like that, he was gone.

Everyone in that room has the memories/pictures to last a lifetime.

He seems to be the kinda guy to literally know where his bread is buttered. To do something so kind and fun like that… He’s is that kinda guy.

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  1. Luckiest kitchen staff ever. I could only imagine how cool that would be? I don’t get jealous to often, but when I do its because someone else got to party with the, the legend, Bill Murray.

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