At a Ramada Inn

Today’s Bill Murray Story is from Riley. Thanks!

Before I knew about this website, I just considered my Bill Murray story strange, but NOW I see the relevance. So, a few years ago, my dad took the whole family (mom, sister, and myself) to NYC to see his band perform. We were staying in a small Ramada just outside the city and it seemed to be pretty dead with only one or two other people in the lobby when we showed up.

Later that night, I decided to take a quick swim in the 4ft deep hotel pool. I walked into the pool area and who’s the only person in the whole room besides me? Bill Fucking Murray. When I walked in, he was reclined (fully awake) in a beach chair by the pool, staring at the ceiling and didn’t really pay me much attention until I made my way over to the pool stairs (trying to make this whole exchange as least awkward as possible).

I was about two steps away from his chair when he SHOOTS up, gets about three inches away from me, looks me dead in the eyes and says one word – “Jump”. At this point, I know there is no point even trying to reply so I just stood there in pure amazement. “Jump or I’ll push you in“. Still I just stood there so he shrugged and started past me when suddenly he reaches out and shoves me full-force into the pool. I couldn’t believe it! Once I finally resurfaced, he leaned down to me (still standing in the pool) and said, “You could tell someone, but they won’t ever believe you“.