At LAX, on Crutches, after SXSW

We’d like to thank Rachel for her story!

A couple months ago, I went to South by Southwest in Austin, TX – this is a large film and music convention, but primarily an excuse for adults to get together and act as if they’re on Spring Break again, while listening to live music.

My friends and I had a blast, however, I am naturally uncoordinated and in the course of over-imbibing throughout the weekend, managed to fall and fracture my foot. Thus I found myself at the Austin airport on crutches – because of my injury, I was allowed to sit in the very front of the coach cabin all the way back to LAX. When we arrived in LA, as I’m getting off the plane I hear someone start giving me crap about faking an injury to sit toward the front of the plane.

I look up, do a double take and realize it’s Bill freaking MURRAY. He walked me all the way back up to the airport terminal – I told him the story of breaking my foot and he continued to accuse me of faking it. He left me before the rest of my friends got off the plane… I’m pretty sure no one WILL ever believe me!