Bill, The Ball Cap, & The Pool

We’d like to thank Jess for her Bill Murray Story!

While working at a Native American casino in Connecticut, numerous celebrities were brought in to celebrate the grand opening of a new addition to the property. Along with Bill Murray, Jimmy Fallon and Paul Shaffer were there as well.

While at a roulette table, Bill Murray was approached by a couple holding a baseball cap and pen, obviously wanting him to autograph it. After twice refusing gently, the couple still shoved the baseball cap into Bill’s face. After their third attempt, Bill snatched the cap, chewed its bill for a few seconds, then handed it back to the couple. It took them a while to realize what just happened, but after a few seconds, they took their baseball cap and left.

The following day, Bill was at the swimming pool, tossing kids into the pool left and right…not his kids, just kids that happened to be playing there when he arrived.