Renting Some Movies at Blockbuster

We’d like to thank Calypte for this story:

I was working at Blockbuster in the Poconos late one night. The CSR on duty was in the back getting stuff to re-stock the snack shelves when, all of a sudden, Bill Murray walked in. The store was completely silent, since I had already turned off the overhead TVs, and was empty except for the two of us. So he walked around for about 2 minutes and eventually came up to the counter with Caddy Shack and Ghostbusters.

“Which one do you suggest?” he asked me completely serious, as if he had never heard of the two films. I looked at him bewildered for a moment than said “Ghostbusters… it’s a classic…” He reached over the counter, unlocked the magnetic lock on the case, deactivated the security strip, then grinned and walked out of the store before I could even react. I ran to the door after him and, before getting into his car, he turned around for a moment and mouthed to me “No one will ever believe you”.

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  1. Yeah, ok, we all believe you. I really dig the true ones but the fake ones should be deleted.

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