Saving the Day in Santa Monica

We’d like to thank Mark for sharing today’s story.

I had just moved to LA when I was pulled over by a police officer. My offense? Somebody took the registration tag off my license plate before I moved. My car was registered, though, so the officer let me go on my way, but told me I had to go to the DMV for a new tag. A few days later, I had an appointment at the local DMV in Santa Monica.

When called to the designated numbered stall to hand in my paperwork, I was met with a charge of 18 dollars. Sure, $18 doesn’t seem like a lot, but my feeling was “Why should I have to pay for someone stealing from me”. Giving my money to the DMV would be like being burglarized twice, except, for the second time, I just hand the thief cash.

I argued and argued, then argued some more – explaining my belief that I should not have to pay money because of someone else’s criminal act. After talking to the third ranking official at the DMV, whom I think may have also been the janitor; I tell them they will never get 18 dollars from me, that I would rather be pulled over constantly than give the DMV the satisfaction of robbing me.

judd nelson fist pump
Stickin’ it to the DMV

I stormed outside and did a “Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club” fist pump in the air because I had just stuck it them, when I spotted a man bending down behind my car.

I raced over to see what this newest vandal was now doing to my vehicle, letting out a stunned “What the hell are you doing!?” when, up from a knee, stands Phil Connors himself – Bill Murray.

He gave me a classic, wry Murray smile as his eyes pointed down toward the license plate. I look down in disbelief; on it was a brand new tag. Seeing that his job was done, Bill patted me on the shoulder and hopped into his golf cart. As he drove away, he put up a proud “fist in the air” of his own, as he confidently said, “No one will ever believe you”.

9 thoughts to “Saving the Day in Santa Monica”

    1. It seems really obvious to me that he clearly purchased him a new tag. It quite clearly states it was a brand new tag….. I’m not sure where the confusion is?

  1. The DMV doesn’t just let you just purchase a license plate. You need proof of title and insurance proof on the car to purchase a license plate.

  2. The guy had proof, he was mad he had to pay, and felt the DMV should just issue a replacement. Bill paid the $18 and put it on his plate.

  3. Even if you could just buy a license plate from the DMV for anyone without their insurance and registration, how would he have known which car was yours? So fake

  4. Anyone else see the part about Bill driving off in a golf cart? That was the major clue this is fake, lol. “Of course Bill was driving a golf cart to the DMV, but he sure as hell didn’t pay for this guys tabs, I call BS…” Lmao!

  5. The tag number must match the license plate number or you could be in trouble with a fake tag. fake Story

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