Taco Bell Burrito Warning… From the Future

We’d like to thank Jesse for this Bill Murray Story.

I live in NYC. It is not really a surprise anymore to see famous people, and, being a comedian; famous comics are even less a surprise. However, none of that mattered the day I was sitting eating alone in a Taco Bell and a man came in, no pants no shirt, screaming, “I am from the future! These burritos are poisoned!”

It was Bill Fucking Murray.

He ran up to the nearest patron, me, and grabbed the burrito off of my tray.

“You can’t eat this! It’s poison!”

“What are you going to do with it?” I asked.

“What kind of burrito is it?” he responded.

“Grilled Stuft Burrito.”

And then he ate it. The whole thing. Right in front of me. Still pantless.

“Oh, the Grilled Stuft ones aren’t the poisonous ones”, he said with a wink and a smile. “No one is ever going to believe you“, he said backing up toward the door.

Then I showed him my cell phone camera, and that I had been recording it the whole time.

“Yes they will,” I said with a smirk, having outsmarted him.

He comes over to me, pulls the phone out of my hand and says, “Don’t ruin the magic“.

Then he smashed my phone and left.

2 thoughts to “Taco Bell Burrito Warning… From the Future”

  1. I’ve seen something similar to this happen except the person was homeless…

  2. Seriously? Smashed your phone? Dude, if that happened to me, I’d chase him and make him pay for a new phone. Reading these threads, it sounds like he steals a lot of shit, which sucks if he’s rich and people that can’t afford so much are paying out of pocket for the shit he pulls. I know other stories balance it a little, but he kind of sounds like another entitled douche of a celebrity.

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