At 30,000 Feet with Bill Murray

We’d like to thank Anne for sharing her story (and for providing a picture, too).

I’ve recently moved and, going through some old boxes, found a cherished piece of memorabilia! 30 years ago this past April, I was flying from Manila to the mainland with my parents and, since my dad worked for the airlines, we were able to fly first class!

As the flight went on, I realized that I was sitting across the aisle from Bill Murray. He was coming back from India where he was filming The Razor’s Edge. I was starstruck! I watched him interact with the very shy Asian flight attendants, asking one of them if she would marry him. They would giggle and just have a somewhat void look on their faces, as I don’t know if they really understood what he was asking.

Close to the end of the flight, I asked if he would give me an autograph. He was kind enough to oblige me. Little did I know, he would give me an autograph that I would recite to people for years. I just love him – even if he did disclose that my father sold black market crude rubber to the Japanese during WWII. lol

bill murray autograph

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