Bill Murray and the Autographed Baseball

The following story comes to us from Frank.

I’m a collector of sports autographs, baseball in particular, and a number of years ago I began sending baseballs in the mail to some of my favorite celebrities and world figures. I’m also a big Bill Murray fan and it’s common knowledge he’s a Chicago Cubs fan. I sent him a ball with a note about my collecting and love for the game – including my lifelong devotion to the NY Mets.

After a few months, I came home one day to find in my pile of mail that little box with my return address on it, knowing someone had obliged my special request. Not having a clue of who this came from, which is part of the fun in tearing open one of these boxes, I was completely thrilled to see a beautiful, bold autograph right on the sweet spot… Bill Murray!

To make this even more special, blazoned above his signature, he wrote “Cub Power!” It remains on display in my home office and is one of my most prized autographs.

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