Bill Does Whatever the Hell He Wants

We’d like to thank Samantha for the following story.

It was a cold January Friday and a few of my best friends from the College of Charleston were in town to share my birthday and a sorority sister’s at the same time, a yearly ritual. After trying to score a last minute reservation at any of the nameable Charleston restaurants, we settled on a college favorite, The King Street Grille.

The restaurant was not too busy but the hostess brought us upstairs. We sat down and what do ya know? Bill Murray was sitting right next to us with a blonde, tan skinned woman.

Our friend’s dad was in town for another friend’s wedding and decided to crash our dinner plans. We said sure, why not? He was that dad who still rocked a mullet and thought it was 1984. After everyone had ordered, our friend’s dad decided to buy Bill Murray a drink! Bill laughed at the gesture and said it wasn’t necessary. Our friend’s dad yelled back “Of course it’s not – you’re drinking white zinfandel!” Bill laughed again, bought us all dessert, shook our hands, and said goodnight.

We all started to snicker and were saying to each other “OMG Bill just touched my shoulder”, or “OMG Bill Murray was drinking white zinfandel”, and so forth. We paid our checks and made our way downstairs, onto the streets of Charleston. We started to walk down King Street towards Market to do the usual bar hops when we noticed a station wagon heading down King Street (one way) without its lights on.

We all start to point and say “What an idiot! Who forgets their lights?” The station wagon stopped about 10 yards past us, then went into the reverse, all the way back up King Street. The driver then turned on his lights and took a right down Princess. As he stopped, we realized IT WAS BILL MURRAY!

That man can do whatever he wants, wherever he wants, and it’s totally okay with me as long as he continues buying desserts and slugging white zin!

4 thoughts to “Bill Does Whatever the Hell He Wants”

  1. What the hell. Why is he getting away with what ever he wants –
    Where r the checks and balances?

  2. Why would Bill Murray need any checks or balances? It’d be nice to meet him, but I don’t golf, so that cuts the odds by a lot. I could show him where to get the best camel meat in Minneapolis.

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