Bill Murray on the Set of “Get Low”

We’d like to thank Big Daddy Voodoo for today’s story – the first one of 2013! Also, thanks to everyone who has sent something in; we have a lot on deck for the upcoming week or so.

This is a true story, not a crazy Bill Murray story, but more of a respectful view of an actor who actually has character. I was an extra in the movie Get Low starring Bill, Lucas Black, Sissy Spacek, and Robert Duvall. An outdoor scene was being filmed and, between shots, Bill just strolled around and talked to folks – a gracious thing because he could have easily hidden away off set. I introduced myself and talked to him for a couple minutes.

Bill was on this stage, making a speech, and there was a delay of a few minutes while a camera was set up. Everyone, including about 300 extras, had to remain in place waiting. Bill went up to the microphone and said, “Who still wants to be in show business?” Some extra yelled out “As long as it’s a Bill Murray movie”. Bill stepped back to the mic and said “Sir, this is Robert Duvall film”. I started a round of applause because it was such a respectful, thoughtful, and unselfish gesture on Bill’s part.

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