Bill Murray – A True Gentleman

We’d like to thank Mike for sharing the following story.

I’m from Minnesota, but was at a meeting in Charleston, SC on October 24. After dinner, my friends and I walked to the King Street Grille to watch the World Series. When we walked in, we noticed Mr. Murray sitting at a table near the front of the bar. I am very shy and wanted to leave him alone. I always like to respect a man’s privacy.

Anyway, a few in my party had the guts to shake his hand and even buy him a drink. Some may have even shot a picture. I thought it was just cool to have seen him.

I texted my kids, one of which is a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, to let them know Mr. Murray was in the same bar as I was. My son Zach, the paratrooper, texted me: “Tell him ‘Chive on’ and try and get his autograph Dad, for the love of God… he’s our hero around here…”

Since I am very shy, and didn’t want to bother him, I borrowed my friend’s pen, grabbed a bar napkin and wrote:

“Mr. Murray – My son is a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne. Says ‘Chive On”. Would like your autograph. Hate to bother you.”

I walked downstairs to give him my note. To my dismay, the table was empty, but then I realized he was settling up his tab at the door. As he was walking out to the street, I met him and said essentially what I had written on the napkin (paratrooper, chive-on, etc.). He smiled after the “Chive-On” comment. Acknowledging me, he took the napkin saying “and you wrote all that down too?”

On the bottom of the napkin he wrote: “No one will ever believe you, Dad” and autographed it.

He then shook my hand and said to wish Zach the best.

Zach is going to frame the napkin with a poster in his room at the barracks at Fort Bragg. What a guy… to take a few moments to acknowledge a shy Minnesota Army Dad. You are the best Bill!

Mike Morgan
Pipestone, MN

6 thoughts to “Bill Murray – A True Gentleman”

  1. Is this story true? How does someone get a hold of Bill motherFKN Murray anyway?
    Ha ha ha Bacon Dreams

      1. I just saw St. Vincent and recorded you and Charlie Rose from 2/14/2k14… I so enjoy you …. Thanks for everything you do….

  2. One meets bill Murray as pure chance in Charleston, where I happen to live. One of my good friends was out and about riding her beach cruiser going to frat row downtown one night. All of a sudden someone jumped out opened their trench coat and “flashed” them. Then yelled, “No one will ever believe you.” And ran off into the night. This person was bill, and he was clothed under the coat, btw. Several of my friends have a story. He came into the restaurant where I worked one Sunday for brunch, our owner would allow no one to speak to him but the server and her assistant. It drove me mad. But I understand.
    Another friend had him run up and steal a fry from his plate and say, “No one will ever believe you.”
    He’s also known to crash cofc parties. Mostly frat parties.

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