Call Me Dr. Murray

We’d like to thank Jack for sharing the following.

My Bill Murray story occurred last summer (2012) on Martha’s Vineyard. I was with some friends waiting for my sister to get off work at the restaurant where she was a hostess. While we were waiting, one of the waitresses came up and told us that Bill Murray was drinking at the bar.

We hurriedly yet tactfully maneuvered our way towards the bar so we could get a glimpse of the living legend. Upon seeing him, I thought that he didn’t look the greatest. In fact, he looked like he hadn’t taken off any of the makeup he had on in Zombieland.

After staring at him for long enough, I decided to go talk to him, to see if he was still sharp and to express my admiration of his work. I walked up to him and said something generic like ‘Mr. Murray I just want to say I’m a huge fan of your work.’ He turned around, finished his drink, patted me on the shoulder and, in an almost whisper, said, ”Please, call me Dr. Murray” and walked away.

It was an excellent encounter.

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  1. Some college somewhere needs to give this man an honorary PhD – Dr. Murray has such a nice ring to it.

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