Crazy Eskimo

We’d like to thank Tehila for sharing this story.

I was on a first date at a tea lounge in Brooklyn, when the person sitting at the table beside us pointed out Bill Murray. I excitedly asked my date if we could go over and say hi, he reluctantly agreed to go when Bill was alone. We went over and Bill was so nice! He shook my date’s hand and then put his hand out to shake mine. At this point, I should mention that I don’t shake men’s hands for religious reasons, and that’s what I told Bill.

It was loud in the room and he didn’t seem to hear me, so he took a step closer and asked me to repeat myself. So again, I told him, “I’m sorry, I don’t shake men’s hands for religious reasons.” Bill, at this point very close, said, “So what do you do?” As he took my face in his hands “Rub noses?” and rubbed his nose against mine. As he walked away, he called over his shoulder, “You crazy Eskimo girl!” Needless to say, it was my most memorable date.

2 thoughts to “Crazy Eskimo”

  1. I think Bill Murray is on to something very clever. He’s proven something of immeasurable worth about human psychology whether or not it was his intent. He’s made it very clear that we don’t believe things that sound even slightly incredible even if we have it on good authority that it happens. For want of shinola, we suspect shit is afoot.

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