Crossing Paths with Bill Murray

We’d like to thank Colleen for sharing this story.

I had only lived in New York for a couple of months in the Fall of 2009. I was so happy to be here and, having made the decision on a whim, surprised at myself that I even made the move.

Because I recently quit my job, I was trying to limit my spending… but I needed a haircut. I went on Craig’s List and found one of those free haircuts offered at salons looking for “hair models”. The salon I went to on the Upper East Side was actually way nicer than I could’ve afforded even with a job. I left the salon right at dusk, feeling like I was looking a little cute.

I was headed to the subway when I walked under some well-lit scaffolding. Someone driving a late-model Mercedes station wagon slowed down and wolf whistled as they pulled up alongside me. I thought this person needed some directions — directions that I would be unable to give.

The driver rolled down the window and it’s BILL. FUCKING. MURRAY. I stare at him with my mouth open. In my head, I tell myself “Just say ANYTHING!” I say nothing. He gives me a look like, “Yep, I’m Bill Murray” and shouts “Sue!” to a middle-aged woman who had been walking behind me. She acknowledged him, walked around to the passenger side of his car, and got in. They drove away.

Best moment of my life.

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  1. Like the fact that even though it was one of those embarrassing moments when you stop for someone who is directing their attention at someone else, you still take joy from the moment! Best one I heard was about a guy eating a burger and chips (fries). Bill Murray takes some chips from the guy’s plate and says “Nobody will believe you!” That is cool!

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