My Dog Got Loose on set in Hawaii

We would like to thank Laura for the following story.

I reside in Honolulu, HI where Mr. Murray is currently involved in a Cameron Crowe movie. I frequent Hickam Air Force Base a few times a week to let my dog, Zero, run around on the dog beach. It is one of the few places on the island where he can run around without being on a leash. This particular day, my serene, peaceful playground was invaded by dozens of film personnel, vehicles, and trailers – not what I had been expecting.

As I was walking down to the beach with Zero, a few employees tried to stop me and make me walk around. I politely refused, as there are so many Acacia trees around with thorns all over the place and I did not want my dog to pick one up in his paw. I made it onto the beach, successfully, plopped down on my folding chair, and waited for them to finish filming so Zero and I could have some fun in the water.

Shortly after sitting down, one of the production assistants came up to me and said “Ma’am, that is Bill Murray standing right next to you“. Sure enough, I looked up and five feet to my right Mr. Murray is standing there smiling at me. I, not thinking much of it, say to the guy “Who’s Bill Murray… oh, THE Bill Murray?” mostly because I wanted to make everyone laugh (which they did). A few more film guys came up to me and started playing with Zero on his leash.

I am thoroughly distracted at this point and next thing I know, right before they say “action”, Zero slips his collar and goes tearing up and down the beach right in front of the entire film crew. There are about 10 people now trying to catch my dog and I just keep repeating over and over as I’m running back and forth in front of Mr. Murray saying “I’m sorry Mr. Murray, I’m sorry Mr. Murray.”

What made it truly classic was the wardrobe lady screaming at all of us “don’t let him touch Mr. Murray’s clothes, don’t let that dog anywhere NEAR Mr. Murray”. It was truly a classic moment. As I passed Mr. Murray the final time with dog in tow, I stopped, looked him directly in the eye, and laughed with him for a moment. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

I took this pic after Zero and I retreated to calmer waters:


4 thoughts to “My Dog Got Loose on set in Hawaii”

  1. You couldn’t make this up if you tried? Well that’s probably true because this story is extremely boring; you’d probably want your story to be more interesting if you made it up, right?

      1. I wish there was a “like” button I could click for your comment. But there’s not so I’ll just say “I agree”. It was an enjoyable anecdote.

        1. I agree with Frank, Lala. You’re story had me giggling in my office cubicle early in the morning and had all my co-workers looking over at me wondering what was so funny.

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