Doing Some Yard Work

So this really isn’t a story (at least not the kind we normally post here) but it’s a decent segue into a clip of one of my favorite movie scenes, so I figure what the hell…

Today was beautiful out, so I decided to do some yard work, get some sun, and enjoy a couple beers. Eventually I ended up at the Home Depot for a few things, as people doing yard work are wont to do. So I’m there in the garden section, deciding what kind of grass seed to get.

I’m standing next to an older woman who is also perusing the seed selection – and believe me, it really is a selection. I figured there would be like two options, but instead there are dozens of kinds; way too many choices for someone who doesn’t know a thing about grass. The woman standing next to me says something to that effect and I nod in agreement.

Then without even really thinking, I start to half-mumble, “I’m looking for a hybrid, something like a Kentucky blue grass/Northern California sinsemilla”.

“Is that good for shaded areas?” she asks.

“Oh yeah, and you could play like 18 holes on it. It’s a little harsh, though.”

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