Even Bill Murray Can’t Resist Fresh Popcorn

We’d like to thank Emily for sharing the following story with us.

Back in my early 20’s, I worked for a large performing arts organization in New York City. We were producing a star-studded benefit concert and Bill Murray was one of the stars.

As part of my job at the time (office manager), I would make a large bowl of microwave popcorn every Friday afternoon for the office staff. The microwave was located in the basement green room, just down the hall from where the star-studded benefit was rehearsing.

I went down to make the popcorn and after I finished, I was heading back towards the stairs with a huge bowl of fresh hot buttered popcorn. From behind, I heard a whispered voice calling me from down the hall saying “Oooh oooh, wait! Hold up for just a second!” I turned around and who did I see but Bill Murray scampering down the hall toward me.

He stuck his face down over the bowl of popcorn and inhaled deeply. Then, using both hands, he scooped out a large handful of popcorn (it was a huge bowl – about 5-6 bags worth, so I didn’t mind). He looked up at me, said, “You just made my day”, and proceeded to run back down the hall to the rehearsal room while stuffing popcorn in his face.

No Bill, you just made MY day!