Palisades-Sparkill Baseball League

We’d like to thank Elliot for the following story.

Growing up in the Palisades area of Rockland County, New York it was wasn’t unusual to see Bill Murray once in a while, as he was a resident. I think I ran into him a few times at the post office and in Piermont walking around. This however is my highlight memory of Bill Murray:

It was the championship game for the Palisades-Sparkill Baseball League. I must have been around 11 at the time, so this would have taken place around 1994-1995. My team was playing Bill Murray’s sons team for the league title. I was playing second base when lo and behold; Bill Murray takes over as his sons’ team’s first base coach. I was a big Ghostbusters fan growing up, so I was momentarily awestruck.

I was taking the game seriously, so as we started the inning I forgot all about Dr. Peter Venkman standing to my left. As I remember it, there was a runner on second base, close game, late in the innings when someone hit a hard line drive to my right. I dove and caught the ball, saving a run from scoring. As I threw back the ball to the pitcher, Bill Murray yells “Hey nice play, DON’T DO IT AGAIN!” It was a funny moment.

True Story.