Summer 1985: Martha’s Vineyard

We’d like to thank Holly for the following story.

I was working as a waitress at a place that was half-deli/half- restaurant, so the wait staff used deli containers (the kind that potato salad comes in) instead of glasses to save the dishwashers work. So this one time, I’m chugging my first Coke of the day and in walks Bill Murray – totally unexpectedly.

He takes in the whole scene and then starts giving me total shit, “You’re drinking out of the deli container!? What is going on with you? You are wacky! I love it!” Then he asked for an espresso, which I happily made.

P.S. – A few years later, I stood behind him in line at WH Smith’s in Paris. He also looked at apartments in a Donald Trump building where I was temping. Love him.