Autograph at My Wedding

We’d like to thank Owen Malbec for this story.

I was married on May 26, 1990 at the Garrison Golf & Country Club in Garrison, NY. Bill Murray was playing golf that day and, although we didn’t meet him, the club person that was our organizer got Bill to autograph one of our matchbooks (a lot of people still smoked in 1990!)

As it happens, John John Kennedy had played the day before and signed the guest book “John John Kennedy”. Not to be outdone, Bill therefore signed our matchbook “Bill Bill Murray” and even wrote out “10% off all marital aids”! We still have it somewhere and I often end up telling this story. Maybe he’ll send us a card for our 25th next May! 🙂

2 thoughts to “Autograph at My Wedding”

  1. That’s funny that John F. Kennedy Jr. would write in that guestbook “John John Kennedy” unless he was being funny because the family never used that name in private. They only called him John; it was the media and the public that stuck him with that name. It came about when a reporter(maybe there was more than one reporter, I’m not sure)overheard President Kennedy call his son “John” twice rapidly, as he was trying to get the toddler’s attention. The reporter thought the President was calling his son “John John” as one name only, and it got reported, and the nickname stuck, but the family never called him that. So I’m thinking either he was trying to be funny when he wrote that in the guestbook, unless it really wasn’t him, and the other person was trying to be funny.

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