The “Autograph”

We’d like to thank Tony for sharing the following story.

Back in the early 90’s I was volunteering at a celebrity golf tournament in conjunction with the 1993 Final Four in New Orleans – yes, the Chris Webber time-out-with-no-time-outs-left game. There were scads of celebrities there, including Bill Murray. Murray gets out of the car he came in and several people want to rush over and say hello. He kind of non-chalants them, not being rude, but just going about his business.

A young kid walks over to him, looking for an autograph. I found it funny because the kid was too young to understand the premise of the recently released Groundhog Day and way too young to know Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, or SNL. I watched as the kid timidly shoves pen and paper toward Murray. He takes the paper, but not the pen. Looks at the paper and says, “I don’t sign autographs”, then proceeds to bite the paper, leaving teeth impressions in it.

He looks at the kid and goes, “There you go – no one else in the world has teeth like these…” Serious, hilarious, and offbeat all at the same time. The kid of course is perplexed; the parent goading him to get the autograph is stuck between incredulous and humored by the whole thing!

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