Bill Murray Ate Church’s Chicken at My Choir Rehearsal

Thank you to Vivian for sharing this story.

My choir, Lowcountry Voices, in North Charleston, SC rehearses upstairs at a community center, which has a basketball gym downstairs. One Monday night this winter, our director stopped directing in the middle of a song and, looking over our heads, said, “We have visitors! Welcome!” Of course we all turned around and were astounded to see Bill Murray smiling and nodding at us.

His youngest son had been practicing with his school team in the gym – one of our late-arriving choir members saw Bill and invited him to come up and listen to the rehearsal. He obliged and brought his two sons with him. They all had their hands full of Church’s Chicken boxes and Bill graciously promised that he would share his with “the best singers.” He sat behind my alto section for the whole hour-and-a-half practice and danced and applauded us as we sang. True to his word, he placed what was left of his chicken on top of the piano and said, “There you go!”

At the end of the rehearsal, Bill stayed and cheerfully had his picture taken numerous times with star-struck choir members and signed countless autographs. He also bought 10 tickets to our upcoming concert! He could not have been more friendly and generous with his time and his compliments. What a guy!